iD Cloud Store

Increase Sales With Accurate Stock Data

When shoppers visit stores, they already know what they need. Retailers need to make sure that their salesfloor is always performing at its best. That's why iD Cloud Store increases your inventory accuracy and allows you to receive goods easier, replenish faster and present products better on your salesfloor. The result? A salesfloor that always has the product your shopper wants, and the foundation for an omnichannel approach.

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Stock accuracy, product availability, and refill suggestions in one app

iD Cloud Store is a cloud-hosted RFID solution that digitizes stock management processes, making them more efficient and accurate. Implemented within one hour, our multi-user app can provide intelligent stock takes and a smart in-store replenishment process. After deployment, you can simply scale the solution to offer omnichannel services, create supply chain visibility, integrate state-of-the-art loss prevention and effectively manage your entire store operations with real-time, item-level inventory visibility and analytics.


Improve on-shelf availability

With iD Cloud, retailers can improve their stock accuracy to over 98%. This enables higher on-shelf availability and increases sales. There is no need to replace your existing stock management and/or ERP system. iD Cloud just makes sure that those systems will get accurate data.


In-store omnichannel

Based on the item-level information provided by RFID, you can take full control over your stock and easily turn your stores into fulfilment centres or offer your customers omnichannel services like ship-from-store, Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS) and Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS).


Real-time inventory visibility

Connect your inventory data and create a single stock view with real-time inventory accuracy. Whether inventory is located on your sales floor, stock room or displayed, the Nedap iD Cloud store solution creates real-time visibility of every item, in every single store.


Scalable & Robust

It takes one minute to set up iD Cloud for one store, but it just as easily scales to hundreds or thousands of stores. The state-of-art database technology foundation of iD Cloud is able to support the billions of events generated by in-store readers and applications. In one country or across the globe, because this is why you want to pick a cloud solution instead of doing it all yourself.


Open software platform

iD Cloud is the integration and process layer in between RFID readers, apps and existing ERP systems. It is a hosted multi-tenant SaaS solution, built on modern technologies, horizontally scalable and an open platform with API’s. No in-store infrastructure is required.

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Designed for your store staff

We put a lot of effort into making RFID easy to understand, simple to use and rewarding for your store staff because it enables them to provide better customer service. The required training is minimal, which will make your RFID solution more effective, scalable and reliable.

iD Cloud Store
iD Cloud App
iD Cloud Web
iD Cloud App

The iD Cloud app is an essential part of the iD Cloud store solution to raise stock accuracy and product availability in retail stores. Store employees use the iD Cloud app for all in-store processes like counting, tag programming and checking what items need to be refilled from the stock room. The required training is minimal because the app is extremely easy to use. This will make your RFID solution more effective, scalable and reliable. We put a lot of effort into making RFID easy to understand, simple to use and rewarding for your store staff.

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iD Cloud Web

iD Cloud Web offers detailed insights into the differences between the ERP system (‘what you think you have’) and the RFID counts in your stores (‘what you actually have’). The RFID counts are performed with the iD Cloud App and RFID readers. iD Cloud Web gives you a full overview of the last RFID count and all previous counts in your stores. With this data, you can analyze and benchmark important KPI’s like stock accuracy, store compliance and stock levels per store. The detailed insights enable you to take more control over your stock, optimize your (replenishment) processes and introduce omnichannel services.

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Case Study Celio

Full stock visibility with RFID

''Celio selected Nedap’s iD Cloud software for the RFID roll-out to our 750 stores across Europe. The full roll-out took place over a period of fewer than 10 months.''

Senior Vice President Global Retail
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