Inventory Visibility

Single source of truth in one platform

Connect your inventory data and create a single source of truth with real-time inventory accuracy. The Nedap iD Cloud platform enables retailers and brands to create a complete and transparent view of their supply chain.

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Why Inventory Visibility?

Whether inventory is located in a warehouse, a distribution centre, a physical store or on a truck, you cannot make fulfilment promises to your customers without an accurate inventory picture. Having silos of inventory means that you often have inventory that meets your customer’s needs and timing, but you just can’t see or access it, so you lose the sale. What should be a global view of all available inventory is instead just a keyhole view. This leads to lost sales, customers aggravated by overpromising, giving away margin due to markdowns and expedited shipping charges, carrying excess safety stock and limited ability to enter new sales channels.

Inventory Silos

Keyhole view

Inventory Visibility

Single source of truth

Create a complete and transparent view of your entire supply chain

Break down inventory silos by creating a single view of stock across your entire supply chain. No longer have your stores, distribution centres and e-commerce share different versions of their stock information. Create a single point of truth with Nedap iD Cloud. View your stock across the entire network of your supply chain and have items move between your stores, distribution centres and e-commerce without losing sight of any single item. Perfectly match demand and supply anywhere, at any time.

Nedap iD Cloud will give you data that is:

  • Highly accurate
  • Real-time
  • Item-level
  • Across all your channels

Unlock your omnichannel potential

The iD Cloud platform is a cloud-hosted RFID solution that connects your inventory data to create a single view on stock with real-time inventory accuracy. The iD Cloud platform can be easily integrated with a retailer’s Online Order Management (OMS) which creates accurate inventory that enables the OMS to determine the best approach to filling the customer’s order is. Real-time inventory accuracy enables the OMS to create rules that drive fulfilling orders.

iD Cloud platform
Supply Chain
Loss Prevention

Data about products sits in different systems inside and outside your business. iD Cloud is a cloud-hosted software platform that functions as a scalable integration layer between the order and shipment data in your OMS, master data in your ERPs, purchase data in your CRM and warehouse data in your WMS. There is no need to replace your existing IT infrastructure, add any new infrastructure or change your current systems. iD Cloud is the only enterprise platform that gathers all your inventory data into one place to create perfect inventory visibility.


iD Cloud Store is a cloud-hosted RFID solution that digitises stock management processes, making them more efficient and more accurate. Implemented within one hour, our multi-user app can provide intelligent stock takes and a smart in-store replenishment process. After deployment, you can simply scale the solution to offer omnichannel services, create supply chain visibility, integrate state-of-the-art loss prevention and effectively manage your entire store operations with real-time, item-level inventory visibility and analytics.

iD Cloud Store
Supply Chain

Nedap’s iD Cloud platform enables brands and retailers to automate and improve shipping and receiving, picking and packing in distribution centres or at the source. Resulting in full item-level visibility, from source to store.

iD Cloud Supply Chain

Curbside Pickup, Contactless Payments, Store Fulfillment, Remote Selling, Endless Aisle, and more. Unlock omnichannel order fulfilment using the iD Cloud Platform.

iD Cloud Omnichannel
Loss Prevention

Embrace a holistic approach to loss prevention using Nedap iD Cloud. As consumers expect to be able to purchase anything, anywhere, anytime, retailers need to adapt their loss prevention strategies to these high expectations. Not only do retailers need to offer fast and seamless checkout experiences, but they also have to combat new forms of shrink, fraud and theft. Our portfolio of loss prevention solutions is designed to protect merchandise and deliver seamless shopping without shrink experiences.

iD Cloud Loss Prevention

Merchandise simply available using inventory visibility