See the iD POS 2 at NRF 2024

The next step in frictionless checkouts

Do you want to speed up your checkout? Have a real-time view of your stock? And enable RFID-based EAS? It's possible when you implement RFID at your point-of-sale with the iD POS 2. The iD POS 2 is an RFID POS reader that reads multiple items at once and is easy to integrate into your current POS setup. And with its state-of-the-art technology, it's easy to install and maintain.

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RFID at the POS

See the iD POS 2 at NRF 2024

Join us at NRF in NYC! Experience the future of retail at Booth 6203. Dive deep into Nedap iD Cloud's RFID magic, from inventory management to loss prevention and the point-of-sale. Be inspired by global brands, sharing their firsthand retail success stories. NYC pulses with retail innovation, and you're invited to the heart of it. Don't miss out!

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Ultra-fast Checkouts. Real-time inventory management. Data-driven Loss Prevention.
Make it possible. With the iD POS 2.

Many use cases come together when you implement RFID at the point-of-sale. Focus on where you see the biggest benefits: omnichannel, loss prevention or making your store operations more efficient.  


Up to 50% faster checkouts

RFID scanning is faster than barcode scanning. It makes the entire sales transaction 15% faster. And without the need for hard tags, RFID reading is even up to 50% faster compared to traditional checkouts.

Security management

Data-driven Loss Prevention

Imagine a world without hard tags, but with the same level of security. It’s possible with RFID. As the iD POS 2 lets you change the status from unsold to sold,  your RFID-based EAS system can alarm on the RFID labels on your items. This removes the need for hard tags, saving valuable time for your store staff and shoppers.


Realtime View on Stock

The iD POS 2 is automatically connected to the iD Cloud Platform. Once a sale happens through the iD POS 2, your stock is updated automatically. This real-time view on stock not only enables daily sales floor refills but it also unlocks many omnichannel concepts without having to worry an item is not there.

50% faster checkouts: how fast is that really?

When shoppers visit retail stores, they want to experience the same fast and frictionless checkout as they do online. With the iD POS 2, checkouts can be up to 50% faster than traditional barcode scanning.

A Realtime View on Stock

With the iD POS 2, you have a real-time view of stock. But what’s a real-time view on stock? The moment an item gets sold, the iD POS 2 automatically updates stock levels. This way, you’ll have accurate refill lists on a daily basis.

iD POS 2 Overview

Find out how Nedap’s iD POS 2 can help you achieve the goal of delivering fast checkouts, a real-time view of inventory, and enabling RFID-based loss prevention.

See the iD POS 2 in action

Daniël Doorman, Product Manager RFID Hardware at Nedap, tells you about the iD POS 2. “What’s interesting about the point of sale, is that here it all comes together. Whether that’s stock modifications, click and collect, loss prevention and customer experience: RFID at the point of sale has many benefits.

“Ultimately, we help retailers provide a unified shopping experience across all platforms. Always having the right item available is key to making this possible.”

RFID at the POS

A real-time view of inventory

For Voice, the main reason to start with iD POS 2 was its ability to update inventory levels in real-time. Hedda Hjerthén, Head of Supply Chain at Voice Norge AS comments: "We can now push item-level POS data to iD Cloud, Nedap's inventory management platform. This enables us to refill our sales floor even more frequently with the right items, based on both sales and cycle count data and boost sales even more."

Hedda Hjerthén
Head of Supply Chain
Unique Features
Remote Monitoring
Newest Impinj Chips
No unwanted reading
Plug and Play installations
Built to perform
Remote Monitoring

The iD POS 2 is connected to our Device Management cloud platform. With this ability to connect to the internet, updating the reader's settings and even its firmware is a breeze. Also, this ensures that your reader is always up-to-date with the latest features. Additionally, the readers' connectivity allows for real-time notifications in case of any issues, so they can be quickly resolved. This added level of connectivity adds a level of convenience and peace of mind that is unmatched by other RFID point-of-sale readers on the market.

Newest Impinj Chips

The iD POS 2 is equipped with the latest Impinj Ex10 chips. These chips give the iD POS 2 its fast reading, writing and authenticating power. At the same time, they boost the reader's sensitivity and speed. It also has up to 50% lower chip power consumption, which makes the iD POS 2 a very energy-efficient device.

No unwanted reading

The iD POS 2 is specifically designed to only read RFID labels that are directly above the reader. You can place items next to the reader without having to worry that the iD POS 2 accidentally reads these items.

Plug and Play installations

The time for complex installations and integrations is over. Because the settings of the iD POS 2 are stored centrally in our Device Management cloud platform, installing the devices is a matter of plugging in the device, downloading the settings and you're ready to go. The iD POS 2 has a standard, out-of-the-box integration for every POS and checkout system, which can be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

Built to perform

The iD POS 2 has many more unique capabilities: Great audiovisual feedback | Power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning easy cable installations | Websocket APIs for customer integrations | Accessories for mounting the POS reader underneath a table

RFID at the Point-Of-Sale

In this webinar, we discuss one of the most relevant read points: the check-out or point-of-sale (POS). RFID at the POS unlocks many additional use cases for RFID in the store. For use cases like in-store replenishment, combatting return fraud, and EAS, it is necessary to cover the POS with RFID. 

  1. Use cases that are unlocked with RFID at the POS
  2. Options of how to cover RFID at the POS
  3. RFID reader | Serialized barcode | Calculated stock
  4. Introduction of calculated stock