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The Power of an Open Platform

iD Cloud Ecosystem Partners

Our vision: stronger together

As consumers reset the expectations of fulfilment to being fast and seamless, they also expect a unified shopping experience in-store and online. Inventory Visibility means knowing what inventory you have on hand, and where that inventory is located, at any given moment. Together with our iD Cloud Ecosystem Partners, we enable retailers to create a complete and transparent view of their supply chain.

Win-win situations is what we strive for: we want to offer whole solutions with the best technology available. Technology that fits the retailers’ unique situation like a glove, from partners that share our vision of innovation.

With our off-the-shelf integrations, you are able to significantly shorten the time to deploy or extend your solution and build your business case.


Point of Sale

The iD Cloud APIs are made to communicate with leading Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. This enables seamless data transfer and generates new added value by providing the most accurate real-time business information.




iD Cloud functions as a scalable integration layer between the existing ERP system and RFID readers. Existing ERP systems are less suitable when you want to process high volumes of event-level data from RFID readers. iD Cloud offers accessible API’s that easily can be extended or integrated with any ERP system. There is no need to replace your existing IT infrastructure, add any new in-store infrastructure or change the current ERP system.

Core technologies

Order Management

The iD Cloud platform can be easily integrated with a retailer’s Online Order Management (OMS) which creates accurate inventory that enables the OMS to determine the best approach to filling the customer’s order is. Real-time inventory accuracy enables the OMS to create rules that drive fulfilling orders.


RFID handheld readers

Handheld scans with RFID readers are the perfect starting point to raise your in-store stock accuracy through frequent counts. Taking inventory fast often and accurately enables you to gain an understanding of your actual stock. iD Cloud is hardware-agnostic and can be used with leading RFID handheld readers in the market.