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The focus on self-service and ‘the speed of checkout’ is in accelerating in retail: the modern consumer demands a seamless checkout. These new ways of checkouts make retailers more vulnerable to theft. That's why Nedap's Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solution strategy is tailor-made for every retail situation. Whether you're looking for an EAS solution for a pharmacy, supermarket or DIY store, we have one common goal: keeping shrinkage under control, while enabling smooth checkouts.

Convert Shrink into Sales with our Synergetic Approach

The customers’ search for more convenience and a better shopping experience makes shrinkage control a greater challenge. Our mission is to help you control and reduce shrinkage while improving the customer experience in your stores. We accomplish this by a unique approach, consisting of the best labels and tags, a guaranteed deactivation at the point of sale and validation by your EAS system. All backed by connectivity, data and elegantly designed products.

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100% Tested Labels

The starting point of an effective EAS solution is to tag the 20% of stolen products that generate 80% of the losses. We help you with applying the right label to the right product, in the right way. We set high standards and tests 100% of the labels we sell.

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100% Deactivation

All products bought by the honest customer should be deactivated, preventing false alarms which will massively decrease the effectiveness of your EAS setup. We guarantee a 100% deactivation, even in self-checkout situations, with our Smart Deactivator. 

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100% Monitored EAS

Having a connected EAS setup, which you can access remotely, increases the overall response rate and thus the effectiveness of your EAS setup. We call this proactive monitoring: it increases the uptime of your systems, a quicker response to issues and insights on alarm data.

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An EAS solution is only effective if works in harmony with an intelligent approach on protecting items and deactivation at the point of sale.

The fuel of this strategy is connectivity. There are major benefits to a connected EAS solution: remote access for faster service, monitoring system health or insights on alarms. All these elements contribute to one thing: reducing shrink without compromising on shopping experiences.

Do you want to experience what an effective EAS looks like in your situation? Our trial approach makes an effective EAS solution accessible for every essential retailer, focusing on agreed upon KPI’s and achieving a successful ROI.

How connectivity boosts Sephora’s loss prevention strategy


We know in advance what is happening in stores, what problems we are facing. Before, we had no choice but to send technicians to on-site visits to find out what kind of problem we were undergoing. Now, we can detect an issue before a technician comes to the store. Since implementing this technology, I can say that the reduction in shrinkage has been very significant. For this reason, we know that the systems pay for themselves!

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Loss Prevention Agent
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Connected EAS
100% tested labels and tags
Elegantly designed
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Connected EAS

Thanks to powerful mini-computers in each antenna, you’re able to retrieve system data in real-time. You’ll see which systems have issues and get information about EAS alarms, customer counting, deactivation data and store occupancy.

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100% tested labels and tags

A holistic approach to loss prevention starts with protecting your products the right way. Every product has its own unique characteristics. It could be frozen, chilled or have a particular shape or form. This means that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to security tags and labels. At Nedap, we prefer a tailor-made approach, resulting in better deactivation, fewer false alarms and a more effective EAS solution.

Security Labels and Tags
Elegantly designed

To offer a great in-store experience Nedap has put a lot of effort into designing elegant EAS solutions. Whether you want elegant antennas at the checkout, robust antennas at entrance or need smart label deactivation at self checkout stations: we have an EAS solution that fits your needs.

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Loss Prevention Partners

We have extensive partnerships with Loss Prevention and EAS experts in APAC, EMEA and the Americas. These teams ensure that deployments and services in more than 120 countries comply according to the same high standard using our Global Deployment Program™.

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Creative ways to leverage your retail analytics insightss to leverage your retail analytics insights
Our assessment showed that Nedap's Smart Deactivator had the best performance.
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Head of Product Management