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iSenseGo Deactivation

Pay, Deactivate, Go

Deactivation is the process of deactivating security labels at the point of sale. Naturally, all products bought by customers should always be deactivated, no matter the checkout situation. iSenseGo Deactivation ensures a smooth deactivation that deactivates 100% of the time. This means less friction for your customers and more meaningful alarms to catch dishonest shoppers.

100% Deactivation In Every Checkout Situation

We enable 100% deactivation in every checkout situation. For both customers and employees, iSense Deactivation guarantees a seamless checkout process.


Exceptional Performance

iSenseGo Deactivation involves the best deactivator in the market: our Smart Deactivator. Used in both self-checkout and traditional checkouts, the Smart Deactivator has a special detection mode. This means it only sends out one strong burst when it detects live RF-labels, saving energy consumption.


Easy To Use

Thanks to its special detect mode, the Smart Deactivator detects labels in any position. Therefore, shoppers or staff will have complete confidence in deactivating their products, whichever way they handle and move the scanner. The Smart Deactivator is connected to our Data Analytics platform, has wireless synchronisation and had audio and visual capabilities, meaning it is not only easy to use, but also to manage.



Most Sustainable Choice

The detect mode of our Smart Deactivator not only reduces power consumption and electromagnetic emissions, but also enables a much more powerful deactivation burst; and therefore a larger deactivation range. Its low energy consumption also makes it the most sustainable choice when it comes to label deactivation.

For Every Checkout
Self-Checkout Stations
Scan and Go
Traditional Checkouts
Self-Checkout Stations

Retailers are increasingly choosing for self-checkout. These checkouts save labour costs and increase the customer experience, but it also adds an extra complexity to loss prevention. Hard tags are hard to detach by shoppers, meaning they still have to stand in line to consult store staff. And common ways of loss prevention, like product weighing or random checks, are seen as customer unfriendly. iSenseGo Deactivation works in self-checkout stations, where the label gets the deactivated if a shopper scan the product.

Scan and Go

Scan and go, where shoppers use a hand-held scanner or their own mobile phone, is growing rapidly. This is a great step forward in reducing checkout lines. Especially for customers with a shopping cart full of goods, in-store scanning is rapidly gaining share. Scan and go presents a new range of security problems. EAS labels cannot be deactivated by the hand-held readers or a mobile phone. ur Bulk Deactivator

Traditional Checkouts

Many people still use traditional checkouts when they shop. Our Smart Deactivator makes sure that every label gets deactivated, no matter the speed of the cashier. The big deactivation range of our Smart Deactivator means that your staff can continue to work fast and efficiently at the checkout, without having to ask themselves if an EAS label is on the product. And for optimal loss prevention solution at traditional checkout, the Nedap Checkout Antenna is an useful solution

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Why Diebold-Nixdorf chose for Nedap

"The Best Performance"

Leading self-checkout suppliers prefer the Nedap Smart deactivator because of its power, reliability and additional features. One of our partners is Diebold-Nixdorf. They offer world-leading retail technology systems that help retailers meet the needs of connected consumers. In a panel discussion, Dominik Widmaier, Head of Product Management at Diebold Nixdorf comments: "Our assessment showed that Nedap's Smart Deactivator had the best performance".

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