iD Cloud Omnichannel

Unify customer experience across all channels

Create a unified shopping experience by making all merchandise simply available. No matter where customers choose to purchase. Take full control over your inventory and easily turn your stores into local fulfillment centers.

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Inventory accuracy, product availability, and omnichannel services in one app

The iD Cloud platform is a cloud-hosted RFID solution that connects your inventory data to create a single view on stock with real-time inventory accuracy. Whether inventory is located on your sales floor, distribution center or on the move in a truck, the iD Cloud platform creates real-time visibility of every item.

Take full control over your stock and easily turn your stores into local fulfillment centers. This allows you to offer your customers omnichannel services with the confidence that product is available.

Enabling ship-from-store, Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS), Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) or Click & Collect has never been easier.


Omnichannel order fulfilment

Real-time inventory visibility is the foundation for accurate order fulfillment and a great customer experience. Create a holistic view of inventories from warehouses, stores, and overall supply chain using an integrated and efficient online order management that relies on RFID data.


Real-time stock

Connect your inventory data and create a single view of stock in real-time. Exactly knowing if an item is on your sales floor, on display, or in the stock room allows you to take full control over your stock and decide whether you sell even the last item also online. This facilitates smooth e-commerce fulfillment from store.


OMS Integration

The iD Cloud platform can be easily integrated with your Online Order Management (OMS) which gets fed more accurate inventory data in real-time that enables to determine the best approach to fulfilling the customer’s order and improves the ‘digital availability’: digitizing store stock to boost e-commerce without overstocking.

iD Cloud Omnichannel
OMS Connector
Pick & Pack
OMS Connector

Utilize the API-based ID Cloud Omnichannel Connector to integrate with Online Order Management (OMS) to quickly benefit from full stock visibility from source to store. The iD Cloud Omnichannel Connector enables the OMS to determine the best approach to fulfilling the customer’s order is. Real-time inventory accuracy enables the OMS to create rules that drive more fulfilled orders.

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Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack lets your store staff find certain products that require action, such as in-store fulfilment. With Pick & Pack, picking orders from a store no longer remains a hassle. Pick & Pack helps your store staff with finding specific orders that can easily be located using an RFID handheld device.

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Case Study Celio

Full stock visibility with RFID

''Celio selected Nedap’s iD Cloud software for the RFID roll-out to our 750 stores across Europe. The full roll-out took place over a period of fewer than 10 months.''

Senior Vice President Global Retail
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