Omnichannel Hubs

How stores become the heart of a seamless shopping experience.

Stock visibility along the whole supply chain is essential for retailers to make merchandise digitally available. Driven by the reality we are currently living in, shopping behaviour is rapidly changing so that online and offline shopping belong together.

In this context, stores are the heart of the omnichannel experience. Experts say we’re now 5 years ahead of where we would normally be when it comes to our shopping behaviour. Just to drop a fun fact.

Fulfilling online orders with store stock

Key questions amongst retailers are: how can we leverage our store stock to fulfil online orders? And how do we make sure we don’t lose turnover because we don’t exactly know what’s on the shelf?


In this whitepaper we will deep dive into:
1. Shopping trends in a connected world
2. A symbiosis of online and offline
3. The new role of stores: local distribution hubs & mini DCs
4. Why stock visibility is key
5. How RFID unlocks omnichannel
6. Advantages of an RFID stock SPoT
7. RFID optimizes in-store Omni processes