iSenseGo Labels

Protect Your Products With Ease

In order to secure every checkout, retailers need to protect their products with the right label. That's why our Power, Cool and Beauty RF-labels are designed to make it easy for shoppers to deactivate in any checkout situation.

With The Right Labels, Your Loss Prevention Strategy Works Better

If you want to secure every checkout without hindering the customer experience, labels play an important part. As labels don't need to be physically removed, the checkout experience remains unobstructed. Choose invisible labels, visual deterrents or custom designs to protect your products. All iSenseGo Labels are thoroughly tested, making sure they are suitable for deactivation - or detection.

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It Starts With Labels

Every product has its own unique characteristics. It could be frozen, chilled or have a particular shape. This means that for every product, there is a specific label that works best. Applying the right labels ensures customers and staff won’t have any issues deactivation the labels at the point of sale.


Power, Cool and Beauty

Our iSenseGo Label portfolio is divided into three categories: Power Labels for regular dry products, Cool Labels for chilled and frozen products and Beauty Labels for beauty products, like mascara or perfumes.


Source Tagging Services

Nedap supplies source tagging services to many international retailers in the food, health and beauty segment. Whether you want to tag meat, spirits, health, beauty or lifestyle & household products from suppliers across several countries: our extensive network helps you accomplish your goals.

iSenseGo Labels
Power Labels
Cool Labels
Beauty Labels
Source Tagging
Power Labels

iSenseGo Power Labels are RF-labels used for regular, dry products. Examples are boxes, cartons or bottles. All iSenseGo Label belong to the best performing labels in the world. They are the only RF EAS labels that are tested 100% of the time. This means that not only each label will work, it will as well have a minimum performance. This provides a very stable detection and deactivation performance. All iSenseGo labels are compatible with all RF 8.2 MHz systems.

Cool Labels

iSenseGo Cool Labels are specifically designed for chilled or frozen products, like meats, fish and cheese. They can withstand long periods of time in harsh environments without weakening. High-risk products, like meats, also have specific characteristics that demand another type of EAS label than the standard labels. In order to protect these products in the best way possible, retailers need to consider the combination of packaging, storage temperature, humidity, shelf life and the proximity of the label to the product itself.

Beauty Labels

Products in the health & beauty segment demand specific labels. That's where our iSenseGo Beauty Labels come in. Health and Beauty products often are small products with limited space, have curved surfaces or use metal in their packaging or product. On top of that, there is a need for better looking labels in this segment. iSenseGo Beauty Labels are purposefully designed for all these usecases.

Source Tagging

Our dedicated team manages source tagging activities for our customers. Source tagging saves time, because products don't need to be tagged in the store or in the DC. For different customers with international supply chains, we helped to set up source tagging at more than 400 global suppliers in Europe and Asia. This includes high shrinkage products, like meat, spirits and health & beauty products from suppliers across the world, With the help of our source tagging specialists, these manufacturers are now tagging the merchandise at source in the packaging process.

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How to secure chilled and frozen meat products

In food retail, stealing meat is a serious issue. Every year millions of pounds disappear from the shelves leading to significant losses. This whitepaper explains the options of (source) tagging chilled and frozen meat products with dedicated electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels. What are the most important factors that influence label detection and deactivation?

Learn How To Secure Meat Products

Security labels for every situation

This is what industry leading labels mean:

(In)visible Protection
Sometimes you want invisible labels that completely blends in with the packaging, where in other cases you need a clear visual deterrent that clearly signals that the product is secured. Our iSenseGo Label portfolio has all sorts of labels that eiher blend in - or stand out.
Microwave Tested
If customers microwaves a product without removing the packaging, this can cause inconvenience when an RF label is applied. By selecting our microwave-tested and certified labels and a clear warning message, you can prove that you have done everything to prevent misuse.
Special and Custom Designs
The appearance of the product is a very important factor when it comes to attracting and informing customers. That's why iSenseGo Label have several design options: dummy barcodes, warning messages or labels that are completely designed according to your own brand specifications.
100% Tested Labels
Nedap ensures that every label is of the highest standard by testing 100% of the labels that we produce., on aspects like sensitivity, center frequency and label quality.

A Complete Tagging Solution For A Health And Beauty Retailer

How This Retailer Tags 120 Million Products Per Year

After the roll-out of Nedap's RF EAS systems in almost 2000 stores in several countries for a health and beauty retailer, Nedap was asked to develop and supply RF labels. We offered a complete tagging solution: employees and other parties were trained by Nedap tagging specialists, as we work with in-store tagging and DC tagging. We also work with the suppliers directly to ensure quick cooperation and swift adaptation. The RF label range includes an ‘mascara’ label, which can be used in combination with shrink wrapping. For this particular retailer we tag nearly 120 million products per year.