Introducing Nedap Trace

RFID-based Self-Scanning Theft Technology

In this video, Nedap Trace is explained.


The introduction of self-scanning solutions has shifted the responsibility of having to scan all products from your employees to your customers. Which has led to some customers making the decision to simply not scan all of their products. Unpaid items leaving your store has a big impact on your business.

Self-scanning theft has become a new method of shoplifting. And when caught during random security checks by your employees, shoplifters get away with simple excuses. Random security checks also lead to honest customers being checked unnecessarily, while shoplifters getaway. Leaving honest customers feeling unhappy.

Nedap Trace helps reduce self-scan theft. by recognizing these unpaid items, it uses RFID technology to secure your most valuable items. By securing a selection of these items, Nedap Trace will immediately solve the majority of your shrinkage. Because its technology will detect unpaid items, this gives your employees the ability to conduct targeted security checks.

With Nedap Trace, customers are happy and your business is happy. It’s easy to get started, contact us to see how Nedap Trace can help stop self-scanning theft.