iSenseGo EAS

EAS For Every Checkout

Enjoy an optimized EAS solution using the latest technology that provides consumers with flexible checkout options, without compromising security and convenience.

Do you want EAS antennas enabling frictionless checkouts and blending in your store design?

The role of electronic article surveillance antennas has changed. EAS used to be a traditional alarming system. Nowadays, EAS should be an intelligent system that enables a smooth, yet secure, checkout experience. On top of that, retail store design is becoming increasingly important. Any EAS system should blend into the store environment naturally. Our iSenseGo Antennas are a perfect fit in any checkout situation, whether that's a self-checkout zone or traditional cash desks.


Close To The Point of Sale

The closer the antenna is to the point of sale, the better staff can respond to theft events. This drastically increases the alarm response and correlates with a great return on investment.


For Every Checkout

Offers the checkout experience your shoppers deserve. Whether that’s a Scan&go solution, Self-Checkout or a traditional checkout: our EAS antennas work in every checkout situation.


Global Deployment Network

Nedap has operations teams in APAC, EMEA and the Americas. These teams ensure that deployments, services and support requests are handled in more than 120 countries.

Tailored to your needs

Check out these other benefits:

Connected Systems
All your EAS antennas are securely connected to the cloud. Thanks to mini-computers in each antenna, they send data to a data analytics platform, notify you if there are issues and can be accessed remotely by technicians to solve the vast majority of issues.
For Every Checkout
The closer the antenna to the point of sale, the higher the chance of store staff reacting to theft events. The i37 - Go, the iL45 and the Checkout Antenna give retailers everything they need to secure every checkout.
Metal Detection
Nedap has integrated metal detection into our EAS antennas to detect anyone entering your store with prepared booster bags or coats.
Advertising panels
By equipping your EAS antennas with advertising panels, you can use the high traffic entrance area to attract passers-by into the store and draw attention to your marketing campaigns.
Extended Warranty
Nedap provides 1 year of standard factory warranty on all Nedap products. Extended Warranty is a service that allows you to extend such a warranty to 3 or 5 years.
Crash Protector
The crash protection in stainless steel is designed to protect your EAS systems in harsh environments - against crashes from shopping carts and pallet trucks. The antennas are protected against crashes coming from all sides.

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Loss Prevention in Food Retail

How can food retailers can improve alarm response in order to optimize sales while improving customer experience and employee satisfaction? In this whitepaper, you will learn the pros and cons of different antenna placements, how EAS system impact customer experience and how iSenseGo can help you secure every checkout.

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