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Announcing iSenseGo 360° Deactivation: Brilliant From Every Angle

State-of-the-art technology is readily available with new Datalogic, NCR and Diebold Nixdorf scanners.

Groenlo, the Netherlands, 30 January 2024

Nedap (AMS:NEDAP), a global leader in securing every checkout, is pleased to announce iSenseGo 360° Deactivation. iSenseGo 360° Deactivation is a new, innovative way of deactivating security labels at self-checkout stations and staffed cash desks using RF technology. Thanks to our global technology partner network, we can implement our deactivation technology in scanners from major brands such as Datalogic, Diebold Nixdorf, and NCR.

iSenseGo 360° Deactivation uses the best deactivation hardware in the market: Nedap’s Smart Deactivator. Together with our valued global enterprise partners, such as Diebold Nixdorf, Datalogic, and NCR, we’ve established a worldwide presence as a robust supplier of deactivation technology.

We’re therefore pleased to share that iSenseGo 360° Deactivation is standard integrated in numerous scanners in the market, including the newest bi-optic scanners of Datalogic: the MGL9600 and the MGL9900. Retailers that use these scanners have a plug-and-play solution for the 360° label deactivation technology. 

The importance of 100% guaranteed label deactivation

Deactivation is the process of deactivating security labels at the point of sale. Naturally, all products customers buy should always be deactivated, regardless of the checkout situation. iSenseGo 360° Deactivation is the only technology in the market that ensures smooth deactivation 100% of the time, due to its large deactivation field and label position-independent deactivation. This technology means less customer friction and more meaningful alarms to catch dishonest shoppers. 

Sustainable choice

As part of Nedap’s sustainability efforts, the Smart Deactivator consumes less power than other brands. It transmits less electromagnetic emissions, which is critical for specific new regulations to minimize radiation to shoppers and employees. Its low energy consumption makes it the most sustainable and cost-effective choice for RF-label deactivation.

Key features

EuroCIS 2024

iSenseGo 360° will be showcased at EuroCIS 2024, alongside two other new technical solutions. See the full program on our website.