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iD Cloud Loss Prevention

iD Cloud Loss Prevention is a cloud-based RFID solution that enables you to detect, quantify and prevent losses. Track every unique item at critical areas in your stores, such as at the point-of-sale or your store entrance and exit, with the help of RFID technology. Through this data driven way of working, you can offer seamless shopping experiences for your shoppers, while at the same time make better decisions on how to protect your merchandise – and be in control of your shrinkage levels.

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Detect, quantify and prevent losses

iD Cloud Loss Prevention is a cloud-based RFID solution that enables you to detect, quantify and prevent losses. This solution is based on our decade-long experience in RFID technology and it is part of our inventory visibility platform: the iD Cloud Platform.

iD Cloud Loss Prevention enables retailers and brands to track every unique item at critical areas in their stores, like at the point-of-sale or the store entrance and exit with the use of RFID technology. The smart algorithm of iD Cloud Loss Prevention can automatically detect suspicious events such as items leaving the store in bulk, items leaving outside of store opening hours, or spot items more likely to be stolen.

iD Cloud Loss Prevention overview

Find out how Nedap iD Cloud Loss Prevention can help you achieve the goal of delivering seamless shopping experiences without uncontrollable shrinkage levels.

RFID at the point-of-sale

Introducing the iD POS 2

Do you want to speed up your checkout? Have a real-time view of your stock? And enable RFID-based EAS? It's possible when you implement RFID at your point-of-sale with the iD POS 2. The iD POS 2 is an RFID POS reader that reads multiple items at once and is easy to integrate into your current POS setup. And with its state-of-the-art technology, it's easy to install and maintain.

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Let's create seamless shopping experiences. Without the shrink.

Today, the business case for RFID in retail keeps expanding, most notably to loss prevention. RFID enables an omnichannel-ready loss prevention strategy, utilizing real-time, accurate data and empowering retailers with fast, flexible and frictionless checkouts.

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Capture item level data

Unlike traditional methods for EAS in fashion retail, such as RF or AM technology, RFID has the ability to send unique item-level data to your EAS, POS and other devices. This way, your EAS system know which items are passing through different locations, which items are paid for and which items are not.


Recognize patterns

Nowadays, data is an essential part of any loss prevention strategy. iD Cloud Loss Prevention recognizes, analyzes patterns and spots anomalies, thanks to the Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in our platform.


Omnichannel enabler

Through this data driven way of working, you can confidently decide where to allocate your resources. Whether that’s staff security training programs or the use of hard tag usage, now you are able to make better decisions on how to protect your merchandise. Enable omnichannel and protect your shrinkage with a data driven loss prevention strategy.


Alarm Notification App

After your RFID-based EAS system identifies one or more items that are leaving the store without being paid for, it sends the store staff a notification via our Alarm Notification App. In this app,  the store associate receives an notification of the product that is generating the alarm, the location and the time.


State-of-the-art EAS

Nedap is the global leader in RFID-based Electronic Article Surveillance. Our portfolio consists of EAS pedestal systems and EAS concealed systems that have optimal performance, looks good and are built to last.


Total Loss Prevention

We envision a world of inventory visibility, with zero waste and zero losses throughout the whole supply chain. No loss, no matter where, should go unnoticed. Together with our active global iD Cloud user community, we strive to deliver seamless shopping experiences. Without shrink.