Securing Every Checkout

Loss prevention measures and flexible checkouts used to conflict with each other. Most retail security measures, like alarms, hard tags or random checks, come at the expense of the customer experience. iSenseGo offers a total package where you can secure every type of checkout, without hindering the customer experience.


Don't want to choose between customer experience and security?

Shoppers expect a frictionless checkout experience. Long queues, random checks or dealing with protective measures are no longer accepted by shoppers. Faster ways of checkout, like self-checkout or scan&go, can meet these expectations, but they do come at a high cost.

Shrinkage levels can double due to these flexible forms of checkout.

Do you want to offer smooth checkout experiences, without uncontrollable shrinkage levels? By focusing on four key areas in your loss prevention strategy, you can offer the checkout experience their shoppers want, without comprising on security.

Checkouts without friction

When shoppers do visit retail stores, shoppers want to experience the same fast and frictionless checkout they do online:

  • Scan products with a hand scanner and pay at a designated terminal (scan and go)
  • Scan items at a checkout station (self-checkout)
  • Or traditional checkouts where store staff scans products

Every checkout comes with its unique loss prevention approach. And thanks to the holistic strategy of iSenseGo, you can secure every checkout your customer wants.

Focus on the overall picture (not just security antennas)

How can you secure every checkout? By not just focussing on security antennas, but on the overall picture.

This strategy consists of four reinforcing pillars: RF-labels, deactivation, antennas and data analytics.

The idea is simple. If one of these four pillars is not working, the loss prevention strategy is in jeopardy. Even the best-performing EAS antennas will perform less, if there are inferior labels.

iSenseGo Overview

iSenseGo consists of a holistic approach to loss prevention at food, health and beauty retailers. One full-service solution for loss prevention, based on four reinforcing pillars: labels, deactivation, EAS and data intelligence.

Find out how iSenseGo helps you secure the checkout your shopper wants, without compromising security.

iSenseGo Labels
iSenseGo Deactivation
iSenseGo EAS
iSenseGo Data and Intelligence
iSenseGo Labels

A variety of high quality, 100%-tested labels, divided in three categories. Our Power Labels are used for conventional products, our Cool Labels are used for chilled and frozen products and our Beauty Labels are perfect for beatury products, like mascare or razor blades. Lastly, our label specialists also offer source tagging advice to protect product directly at the source.

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iSenseGo Deactivation

iSenseGo Deactivation is the process of deactivating security labels at any point of sale. Whether it's a self-checkout, traditional checkout or even Our Smart Deactivator sends out a burst only when it detects a label, immediately deactivating the label and eliminating the chance the label will set off a false alarm.

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iSenseGo EAS

Our Electronic Article Surveillance antennas, based on Radiofrequency (RF) technology, are elegantly designed, manufactured in Europe and built to perform, even in the harshest retail environments.

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iSenseGo Data and Intelligence

We believe that every retailer should harness the power of data to make better decisions. That’s why our hardware portfolio is connected to the cloud. This way, you can dive in all the data captured by your systems: alarms, visitor counting and successful deactivations. Your systems will let you know if there are any issues, so you can act upon it immediately. And with our Fast Remote Service, your business partner can solve 80% of your system issues, without ever going to the store.

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