iSenseGo Data & Intelligence

The Data You Need To Secure Every Checkout

The data captured by our iSenseGo solutions is crucial for retailers. Data on your EAS estate, such as system health, visitor information and alarm data, is the backbone of a data driven loss prevention strategy to secure every checkout.

Connected systems lead to better insights and better actions

We believe that every retailer should harness the power of data to make better decisions. That’s why our iSenseGo hardware portfolio is connected to the cloud. This means you can see your system's performance in real-time and immediately act upon it if something is happening.


Powerful EAS Insights For Free

All our EAS solutions are connected to the internet at no extra costs. This means you’ll always know the health of your EAS estate and have insights on EAS alarms.


Best-in-class Remote Service

Nedap provides an online platform that enables our business partners to solve the majority (>80%) of service calls remotely, without the need to dispatch a technician to the store.

Info security


Nedap complies with the highest security standard. Our IT architecture is audited to ensure minimal risk  and our services are fully redundant.

Data & Intelligence
Retail Analytics
Proactive Systems
Fast Remote Service
Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics is our real-time analytics platform. All the data collected by your EAS systems is send to Retail Analytics: alarm information, visitor counting, system's health and deactivation data. This means that you always have insights in to your EAS estate and how well they are performing. Of course, it is also possible to send this data through your systems with our API.

Proactive Systems

Your EAS systems will automatically let you know if there is something wrong. In the case of issues like an extreme amount of alarms, high amounts of interference or if they are inactive, you will be notified by an service email - without any complex set-up!

Fast Remote Service

After your systems proactively notified you about issues, many issues then can also be solved remotely. With our Fast Remote Service capabilities, technicians from your local EAS partner can access the system from their own device, solving more than 80% all issues. This saves time and money, and is also a greener choice as people don't need to drive in their car to the store anymore.

How connectivity boosts sephora’s loss prevention strategy

Case Study Sephora

Stock availability is key in order to provide a unique shopping experience, with an unparalleled choice of fragrance and cosmetics, to beauty fans around the world. Keeping that in mind, Sephora Mexico developed an EAS-based loss prevention strategy that pays for itself.

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