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The EAS solutions you need for a seamless shopping experience

The role of article surveillance antennas is changing. From a traditional EAS setup that only alarms on active tags to an intelligent system that enables seamless shopping experiences. Our RFID-based EAS solutions are capable of recognizing items, captures item-level data and can provide open entrances. Or what about our RF-based EAS solutions, that work in excellent synergy with our tested labels and deactivators to convert shrink to sales? With Nedap's EAS solutions, you can say goodbye to shrinkage and hello to seamless shopping.

Core technologies

RFID-ready EAS

Nedap is the global leader in RFID-based EAS. As consumers demand more seamless shopping experiences that mirror the online world, RFID-based EAS makes sure your shrinkage won’t go up.


Seamless Checkouts

Our smart deactivators and universal detachers speed up the process at the Point of Sale (POS). And thanks to our RFID-ready EAS solutions, you can drastically decrease the use of hard tags in fashion retail.


Global Deployment Network

Nedap has operations teams in APAC, EMEA and the Americas. These teams ensure that deployments and services are being finished in more than 120 countries.


Powered by connectivity

Thanks to powerful mini-computers in each antenna, you’re able to retrieve system data in real-time. Because we wholeheartedly believe in connectivity, we offer this service for free. You’ll see which systems have issues and get information about EAS alarms, customer counting, deactivation data and store occupancy.


Smart Investment

Because your EAS estate is connected and updated regularly, our service partners can handle up more than 80% of the service calls remotely – saving you the hassle and time of maintenance crews coming in.


Elegant design

To offer a great in-store experience, we put a lot of effort into designing truly elegant antennas. Whether it’s the harsh environment of supermarkets with potential trolley-crashes or beautiful flagship stores: our EAS solutions work in every store.

Case Study


adidas is always looking for open spaces to provide a good customer journey. However, there's always a conflict between security and design. By installing iD Tops at the ceiling of the entrances, the conflict between security and design is resolved."

Store Development Manager
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Connected EAS
Free connectivity
Fast Remote Service
Retail Analytics
Connected Deactivators
Free connectivity

It's our believe that every retailer should harness the power of connectivity. That's why all our EAS solutions are connected to the internet at no extra costs. This means you'll always know the health of your EAS estate and have insights on EAS alarms.

Fast Remote Service

Nedap provides an online platform that enables our business partners to solve the majority (>80%) of service calls remotely, without the need to dispatch a technician to the store. Fast Remote Service is a web-based cloud application: this enables your Nedap partner to provide instant and flexible support for your EAS estate. Most technical problems can be solved instantly, on any device with an internet connection. In addition, solving technical issues remotely is cheaper than providing store visits.

Retail Analytics

All the data captured by your EAS systems can be found in Retail Analytics. From store occupancy to EAS alarms: zoom in on store level to see which store needs your attention. With Retail Analytics, vital management information is available 24/7 on any web browser or mobile device. Compare and benchmark the performance of single or multiple stores to limit risks and maximize performance.

Connected Deactivators

Any EAS system works as good as the labels that are passing through. Honest customers should never encounter alarms - which will happen if labels or tags are not deactivated correctly. To ensure your deactivation rate stays at a 100%, our Smart Deactivator is connected to our Device Management platform. This connectivity makes certain that all your deactivators are working and that labels are deactivated correctly.

Discover our Smart Deactivator
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Tailored to your needs

Check out these other benefits:

Customer Counting
Nedap counts visitors as they enter the store and provides reliable, real-time information to Retail Analytics and (regional) headquarters.
Extended Warranty
Nedap provides 1 year of standard factory warranty on all Nedap products. Extended Warranty is a service that allows you to extend such a warranty to 3 or 5 years. If you opt for a 3 or 5-year Fast Remote Service subscription, we will extend the warranty to either 3 or 5 years as well.
Metal Detection
Nedap has integrated metal detection into our EAS antennas to detect anyone entering your store with these types of prepared bags or coats.
Advertising panels
By equipping your EAS antennas with advertising panels, you can use the high traffic entrance area to attract passers-by into the store and draw attention to your marketing campaigns.
Crash Protector
The crash protection in stainless steel is designed to protect your EAS systems in harsh environments - against crashes from shopping carts and pallet trucks. The antennas are protected against crashes coming from all sides.
Shielding can be used behind the antenna to reduce interference coming from a certain direction. The shielding can also be used to optimally use the sales space because it prevents labelled or tagged items from being detected behind the shielding.

A solution for every environment

Today, Electronic Article Surveillance is no longer just about antennas and gates: it's about delivering seamless shopping experiences. The task at hand for loss prevention managers is to make sure this happens without shrink and without any barriers between the retailer and the customer. Whether that's a customer-friendly antenna at the checkout of a supermarket or a concealed iD Top in a beautiful flagship store: we've got a solution for every retail environment.

RF-based EAS
Food, Health and Beauty

With iSenseGo, supermarkers, health and beauty retailers can secure every checkout, without hindering the customer experience.

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RFID-based EAS
Sports and Footwear

Many established sportswear-, shoe-, and athletic apparel brands have adopted RFID, which can be leverages for loss prevention.

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RFID-based EAS
Fashion and Apparal

RFID-based EAS helps fashion and apparel retailers create a seamless shopping experience - without the shrink.

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