Make RFID work for your store staff

iD Cloud App

App for in-store RFID processes

The iD Cloud App is an essential part of the iD Cloud store solution to raise stock accuracy and product availability in retail stores. Store employees use the iD Cloud App for all in-store processes like counting, tag programming and checking what items need to be refilled from the stock room. The required training is minimal because the app is extremely easy to use. This will make your RFID solution more effective, scalable and reliable. We put a lot of effort into making RFID easy to understand, simple to use and rewarding for your store staff.


iOS & Android

With iD Cloud, you can choose the operating system and mobile device you prefer. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and can simply be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.



The majority of retailers are not limited to one country or region and the store associates speak many different languages. To make RFID work for your store teams, iD Cloud supports a large range of languages, and we can easily add more languages when required.


User-friendly design

As the iD Cloud App works just like other popular mobile apps, store associates can easily get used to working with RFID. New staff members can be trained in a matter of minutes because all processes are fully geared towards an optimum user experience.

All features of iD Cloud App:



When RFID labels are no longer used in the store, the destroy functionality can be used to physically destroy the RFID label. This way this label will not show up incorrectly during a count or other RFID process anymore.


Assisted Counting

The first question store associates always ask when they are introduced to RFID is “how can I be sure I counted everything?”. We have embraced this feedback and introduced ‘assisted counting’. With this feature, store associates can always see how far they are in the counting process, but also which items have not been counted yet. After the count, the results are immediately available in iD Cloud Web for analyzing and benchmarking.

People team employees

Team Counting

Team counting makes it easy to do a count in a large store. Each team member uses their own RFID handheld reader and mobile device to count a section of the store. When the counts are sent to the iD Cloud server, all individual counts are combined and an overview of the complete store is available in iD Cloud Web. During the team count, the progress of all team members is visible to everyone.



Immediately after the RFID count, the iD Cloud app presents a ‘Refill suggestions’ list that highlights which items are not present on the sales floor but are available in the stock room. This enables a faster and more accurate refill process. To make it even easier, also pictures of the products are included, which makes it possible that even new staff members can perform refill effectively.


Search & Identify

Whenever a specific item needs to be searched – for example, to refill missing items, to serve a customer in the store or to fulfil a web order from the store, the search can be done quickly using the iD Cloud app and the RFID handheld reader to locate the item within the store or stock room.

rfid/Tag right

Program & Print

To program individual RFID labels – for example when a label has fallen off or an item is returned, your store staff can easily program a new RFID label using the iD Cloud app. iD Cloud also offers out-of-the-box integrations with a range of RFID label printers to directly print RFID labels in the stores or in the DC from the app.


Find & Prep

Find & Prep lets your store staff find certain products that require action, such as products with price promotions. Until now, store staff had to spend hours searching for these products, using printed forms and an outstanding recollection of the store’s inventory. Thanks to Find & Prep, your store staff will be equipped with a powerful tool that easily locates products by an RFID handheld device.



The search functionality makes it possible to locate an RFID label in your store. The app will search for an article or range of articles and provides feedback in the app to show how close the labels are.