Nedap has issued the following white papers to provide retailers with practical and pragmatic information that is timely and relevant regarding issues that have just begun to, or will soon impact the retail business. Use these white papers to develop new insights and expand your knowledge on how to solve retail-specific challenges.

How to prevent high shrinkage levels when introducing mobile checkouts

Many retailers are optimizing their POS processes to prevent queues. Especially new payment apps that turn mobile devices into a mobile POS (mPOS) look like the holy grail, but how can retailers make sure that their shrinkage levels do not explode? This white paper discusses how retailers can use RFID to solve the conflict between convenience for their customers and security.

Learn how Under Armour introduced a game-changing loss prevention strategy

After establishing a new standard for electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology for its North American stores, Under Armour does have one lingering regret. “I could kick myself for not discovering this solution sooner,” said Sean Donnelly, Director of Global Retail Asset Protection and Investigations for the premier activewear giant.

20 Loss Prevention Solution Must Haves

In this 27-page book you will learn, which features are important in a modern loss prevention solution that will help you effectively reduce shrinkage, fight organized retail crime and even how to future-proof your solution for years to come.

Winning over the CFO

Loss Prevention professionals know what it takes to fight Organized Retail Crime, prevent shoplifting and employee theft. They need modern, intelligent systems to stay ahead of the curve! But what does it take to get budgetary approval from the CFO and other senior executives?

Acceptable Shrink Rate Assessment Checklist

The ASR Assessment Checklist was designed by Nedap to assist Loss Prevention executives who choose to implement this efficient, ROI-increasing method for identifying high-shrink stores.

How to secure chilled and frozen meat products

This white paper explains the options of (source) tagging chilled and frozen meat products with dedicated electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels. What are the most important factors that influence the label detection and deactivation, what influence does the shelf life have on the performance of the label and which options are there in terms of label design?

Deciding for a fixed RFID infrastructure

The white paper explains the key differences between RFID solutions using handheld readers, transition readers or overhead readers. What are the benefits of each solution and what are the consequences in terms of read accuracy, complexity and costs?

A new definition for stock accuracy

In this white paper, we will first analyze what is meant with ‘stock accuracy’ and then take a close look at the existing methods to calculate stock accuracy. Finally, we will introduce a new definition to calculate the stock accuracy that suits the retail sector.

Upgrade path from RF to RFID

Nedap’s RFID-ready electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution enables you to optimally protect your merchandise and your profits. The unique RF to RFID upgrade path ensures that your EAS system performs optimally now and in the future. The modular setup enables you to start with the features that fit your present needs and upgrade to RFID whenever you are ready.

Dynamic beam steering

Fixed RFID readers play an important role in the RFID deployment in retail stores for goods receiving, stock room to sales floor movements and loss prevention (EAS). To ensure an optimum performance, each of these role demands a different set of features.

EAS with camera integration for effective alarm management

The store staff in retail stores has a large range of tasks and responsibilities. Their primary focus is of course serving customers and increasing sales. But their time and attention is also needed to prevent merchandise from being stolen. For this, many retailers put a variety of solutions like electronic article surveillance (EAS) and cameras in place that support the staff with their loss prevention efforts. Very often however, these solutions are stand-alone solutions that cover a certain area, but do not interact with the other solutions in the store.

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