Our Philosophy
True partnership requires a commitment beyond simply selling products. Ultimately, a true solution provider must evolve throughout the relationship with their clients, striving to better understand an organization’s specific needs, wants, and requirements. By understanding this vision, PPS is poised to better support the culture of any organization, including their current and future business needs, throughout the everchanging retail landscape.

Who we are
Founded in 2017, PPS is focused on filling the gaps created by traditional loss prevention solutions through the employment of superior product protection and RFID solutions. Innovation, coupled with seasoned, experienced and personalized consultation, amplify our ability to save our customers time and money, in effect securing their bottom line.

Your goal is our goal. Nimble, agile and quick to respond, we pride ourselves on being small enough to know you, but big enough to serve you. We don’t just hear, we listen. We’re the “Little Guys with Big Ideas” and we deliver.


129 Seth Thomas Lane, Suite #2
Swansboro, North Carolina 28584
Phone: (888)542-3065

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