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At iMotion Security, we offer a complete line of industry-leading security products, services and solutions for customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention, stock management and store monitoring — including a wide range of IP cameras, video management solutions, access control, biometrics, electronic article surveillance systems — and much more. We understand the challenges retailers face, and have developed the most advanced knowledge of retail technologies to overcome them.


We take responsibility for upholding customer confidence very seriously. By combining our different areas of expertise to generate reliable results, we make sure we offer our customers the most adaptable, dependable and innovative technology currently available. We fully understand that the shift to network solutions creates new opportunities where digital technology can be put to use to deliver maximum value.

Focused on maintaining the highest level of proficiency, our advisors and technicians constantly attend different manufacturer presentations in order to offer our customers cutting edge digital security technology. Our expertise in security matters and our ability to understand the customer’s needs mean that we can always offer the best possible results and the most value for the investment.


Nedap Partner Since: May 2014
Company Founded: 1999
Number of employees: 12 in the Montreal Headquarters, 2 in Toronto Office, 2 in San Diego Sales Office


Deliver outstanding products and services to clients across Canada.
We pride ourselves on maintaining lifelong partnerships with our clients and offer world-class service before, during and years after installation.


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