Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability

Nedap’s Mission: Move Markets With Technology That Matters!

As Nedap’s core mission statement indicates, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), environmental stewardship, and sustainability are deeply rooted in Nedap’s corporate culture: To develop and supply innovative and sustainable security and electronic control solutions as well as automation, management, and information systems for organizations. Sustainability is therefore anchored in all our business processes.

Sustainability Is The Process, Not The End Result

For many years now, Nedap has made every business decision by striving for balance between financial results, social interests, and environmental concerns. We are convinced that sustainable business practices lead to sustainable business growth because it creates value. 

Developing & Supplying Sustainable Products, Systems, and Services

At Nedap, every employee knows that all products, systems, and services must meet quality, safety and sustainability standards. While many other LP providers have outsourced their manufacturing to low-wage countries, Nedap has his own manufactory in the Netherlands. Our goal is to achieve the most efficient production process for high-quality, sustainable products as possible. We also work closely with a sheltered employment service to be able to offer jobs and a meaningful working environment to people with work limitations.

Sustainability Applies To The Entire Lifetime Of The Product

However, sustainability is far more than a responsible manufacturing process: It also extends to social responsibility when purchasing and choosing third-party vendors. It involves the constant search for new, inventive production methods, and the design of related processes. It touches the impact of our products on the environment, as well as human rights and employment welfare. In short, sustainability is a concern that applies to the entire product lifecycle – from the extraction of raw materials, through the manufacturing and the use and disposal of the product. 

Minimizing Environmental Impact

As we strive to lower the environmental impact of all Nedap products, we are minimizing the use of potentially harmful chemicals by constantly finding ways to reduce consumption. We also make the most efficient use of raw materials as well as intermediate goods to produce as little waste as possible. In addition, we strive to reduce and reuse packaging materials.

We have also significantly reduced the electricity consumption as a company and with our products. Both Nedap Groenlo and Inventi B.V., the manufacturing subsidiary, are using exclusively sustainable electricity. We continue to search for new technologies that further reduce energy consumption including low-energy lighting, presence sensors, and ultrasonic humidification. 

Financial Stability & Company Culture To Foster Social Responsibility

Even the strongest sustainable mission statement does not matter if the execution is hindered by financial concerns or lack of employee buy-in. In order to continually have financially healthy results, Nedap underlies strict financial guidelines. For example, the company is committed to reaching an operating profit of at least 10% of revenue and a 15-20% return on equity.

Additionally, Nedap fosters a company culture of individual responsibility and organizational excellence. This goes hand in hand with safe and healthy work conditions as well as our ambitious motivational climate. 

Human Rights

Nedap respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that every part of society, including businesses, must observe and secure human rights. Therefore, Nedap will investigate companies with which if maintains direct business relationships with to establish how they deal with such issues. Nedap reserves the right to visit these companies as a normal part of the business procedure and to take appropriate measures if a violation of human rights standards becomes known. 

Under no circumstances will Nedap use forced labor, employ children in breach of Convention 138 and 182 of the International Labor Organization or act in breach of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.  

Overall, Nedap aims for integrity, responsibility and fairness. 

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