Company Culture

It’s not the size of Nedap, but our consistent ability to think and act fast that drives our success!

Here at Nedap, entrepreneurship, innovation and the need to constantly push the boundaries is part of our DNA. But this only happens, with a flat organizational structure that allows employees to act independently and make their own sensible decisions – under three conditions:

  • All employees must understand the organization’s goals and values, which means everyone is looking to increase added value per employee as well as aspire to move markets with technology that matters.
  • Secondly, the transparency of information is vital to keep everyone informed on the latest activities, but also provide the opportunity for rapid feedback.
  • Lastly, employees must genuinely be given the room to make their own decisions and fulfill the responsibility they have taken upon themselves. Since employees feel the consequences of their decision first hand, the decision-making process for the company is better overall.

A company culture such as this one places high demands on the Nedap Retail Americas management team, as they no longer deal with operational matters. Now, they must have a cohesive strategic vision, constantly strive to inspire their teams and, of course, be able to translate that vision into clear principles and uniform objectives. This defines the boundaries in which the employees can personally contribute to the collective group success.

Road To Excellence: Individual Entrepreneurship & Organizational Processes

As an organization grows, it faces new challenges to be scalable. Nedap knows that it is crucial to take the necessary time to bring products to full fruition and set processes up perfectly and flawlessly. This groundwork is vital to ensure that Nedap products make a smooth transition from prototype to roll-out.

Over the past few years, Nedap has rolled out a program called “Road to Excellence”:

  • Operational Excellence: Significantly shortened production lead times and reduced stock levels.
  • Development Excellence: Professional proposition management, better-aligned product development processes with the needs and wishes of the markets including pricing, marketing material, and training.
  • Support Excellence: Practical testing of our structured approach to successful implementations of large-scale programs with further improvements and refinements where needed enabling us to implement major worldwide installations at our customer’s complete satisfaction.
  • Marketing Excellence: Harmonization of marketing communication between marketing channels/groups. Each of Nedap’s marketing activities can reinforce each other without undermining the unique character of each market.
  • People Excellence: 3P (Performance, Person, Progress) to improve the quality of conversations between employee and manager as well as extensive employee training programs.

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