It’s Not About Us!

Well, this page is. But here at Nedap, we understand it is not about us — it is about you and the success and impact you can have using Nedap solutions!

Our Mission

Simplifying Retail Management While Improving Shopping Experiences

Here at Nedap Retail, our mission is to move markets with technologies that matter. We design and manufacture innovative products, services and solutions based on more than 40 years of global experience, market expertise and close cooperation with leading retailers to serve our clients’ diverse needs in loss prevention. Our inventive thinking and collaborative spirit allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions for the fast-paced retail sector. By taking most recurring tasks off your hands, we create time for you to devote to your customers. And that is what retail is all about.

  • Prevent shrinkage caused by shoplifters, internal theft or inaccurate processes.

  • Ensure that fast selling items are always in stock.

  • Simply offer Omnichannel services to your customers.

  • Know exactly what is going in your stores.


Our hard- and software solutions are designed with the key users in mind – your store staff. We believe that any in-store solution for loss prevention or stock management can only deliver the best results if your store staff trusts the system and enjoys working with the solution. That’s why we put a lot of effort into a user-friendly design of our hard- and software solutions


To make our solutions easily deployable, we focus on scalability. Whenever you open a new store, nothing should be easier than installing the systems, train your staff in a matter of minutes and immediately gain valuable insights through organization-wide dashboards. No matter if the store is around or the corner or thousands of miles away.


Our solutions are monitored, updated and serviced remotely – ensuring the highest system uptime in the market. If something prevents them from performing at their best, the system informs Nedap or your in-house monitoring station automatically and we are able to fix it remotely. If local support is needed, we have an extensive network of certified business partners around the world.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

By using Nedap’s high-performance, patented article surveillance technology, your shrinkage levels will decline, allowing you to keep a more accurate stock level, save replenishing and inventory management costs and lower your overall theft risk. In addition, your installation and maintenance costs will remain low as our system is self-improving and our service partners can handle up to 80% of the service calls remotely – saving you the hassle and time of maintenance crews coming in.


Rob Schuurman

Rob Schuurman

Managing Director Nedap Retail

Rob is the Chief Executive Officer of Nedap Retail worldwide. He is very passionate about solving complex business problems with simplistic technology solutions. He is also responsible for bringing the Nedap corporate culture to Nedap Retail.

Felix Martinez

Felix Martinez

Channel Sales Director Nedap Retail Americas

With more than 23 years of experience in loss prevention and sales, Felix is passionate for partner enablement. In his role, he will build and manage the best possible network of channel partners that will resell, service and support Nedap Retail solutions in the Americas.

Wouter Ubbels

Wouter Ubbels

Sales Director Nedap Retail Americas

Wouter is passionate in helping clients with their needs. As the Sales Director, Wouter will help his clients find the best loss prevention solution for their needs.

Robin van Stenis

Robin van Stenis

Global Marketing Director

Robin is passionate about inspiring new thinking and creative ways to establish Nedap’s Global leadership position. His international experience contributes to a one-Nedap presence worldwide.

Tom Bolanos

Tom Bolanos

Account Executive Nedap Retail Americas

Tom is passionate about using RFID technology to solve today‘s and tomorrow’s challenges. He is an expert in solving complex shrink issues.

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