Top 3 Reasons to Avoid RFID, and Why You Still Need It.

RFID can be a scary acronym for retailers and supply chain operations. For years, it has carried these top three stigmas:

  • The Range of an RFID signal is too short
  • Liquids and metals interfere with RFID signals
  • RFID technology is costly

Taking a look at each of these objections individually will help readers reach an understanding of why RFID solutions has become a must-have in the retail industry, as well as other industries in which inventory accuracy maximization and inventory loss minimization are essential. Consider the stigma that the range of RFID signals is too short. This may be true in some industries, but it certainly is not true when it comes to inventory management and tracking within retail and supply chain operations. Using RFID to manage and track inventory is crucial when one considers any attempt to make a mark in the omnichannel space. In fact, Bill Connell, senior vice president of logistics and operations for Macy’s, stated during a panel discussion at the RFID in Retail and Apparel 2016, that “omnichannel was critical to success in the current retail market. Connell went on to state, “RFID is essential to omnichannel execution. Therefore, RFID is essential to retailing.” Regardless of RFID range, it is clear the current technology suits retail and supply chain industries well.

RFID labels for food Nedap

The second stigma that may be causing some companies from diving in to RFID technology has to do with liquids and metals. Albeit true that these two things can cause interference, we have found once again that solutions are in place to minimize interference by liquids and metals, rendering this a non-critical concern. Placement of RFID readers, such as Nedap’s !D Top, which is an overhead reader that replaces traditional pedestals, helps to overcome interference, making it the industry’s leading choice for RFID/EAS solutions. And not only is this technology well-suited in general merchandise and apparel retail segments, but it is also viable in the food sector.

And finally, the oldest and most popular falsehood about RFID: cost. For decades, RFID technology has carried this stigma, and until recently, it may have been true. But like all technology, the cost of RFID has drastically declined. Retailers may also be surprised to learn that Nedap’s RFID/EAS solutions are futureproof, meaning they can be used strictly as EAS systems today, and as RFID systems in the future without having to replace any hardware. This helps to further leverage the cost of RFID technology.

Retail store entrance RFID technology Nedap

Now that the top three obstacles to RFID technology have been addressed, it is time to discuss the benefits. The retail and supply chain landscape has changed significantly over the last couple of years, and changes are still coming. The number of people who order items online and pick them up at store locations continues to increase. What happens when customers order online, only to find the item is not at the store location at the time of their scheduled pick-up? The answer to that is easy: brand damage. Building trust within the customer base takes time, but it takes even longer to earn trust back once it has been lost. This is at the heart of experts’ claims that RFID technology is paramount for successfully competing in the omnichannel space. Knowing merchandise levels in real time is essential in order to deliver customer satisfaction throughout the shopping experience. And when one considers that a store employee, when using RFID, can take a full and accurate store inventory within minutes, it becomes clear why RFID technology is a must-have.

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Acne Studios chooses Nedap’s !D Cloud for stock accuracy and Omnichannel services

Successful rollout in 12 countries accomplished in 3 months

Groenlo, The Netherlands, 9 May 2017

Nedap has signed a global agreement with Acne Studios, a Swedish high-end fashion brand, for the supply of its RFID software platform !D Cloud. The global rollout to Acne Studios’ 45 stores in 12 countries was accomplished in only three months. Using !D Cloud, the retailer aims to raise the in-store stock accuracy in their stores and enable omnichannel services.

Mattias Magnusson, CEO at Acne Studios, explains: “Our main challenge is how to unify the online and in-store experience and service in order to gain and maintain the trust of our customers. The only way to master this is by having a nearly 100% stock accuracy. Therefore, automating our stock taking with RFID was the logical next step.”

Fast RFID implementation plan
The pace of the RFID implementation at Acne Studios was extraordinarily high as it took only 3 months from the first proof-of-concept to the completion of the rollout. During this period, the ERP integration, staff training and RFID labelling of the merchandise was completed.

Magnusson adds: “Once we decided to move to RFID, we were looking for a cloud solution that fits our IT strategy. We believe that in today’s cloud empowered world, it does not make sense to opt for an on-premises software solution. Cloud solutions like !D Cloud, but also for other fields like CRM or e-commerce, enable us to scale much faster with only a fraction of the internal work load and ongoing costs.”

!D Cloud: Accurate stock data & omnichannel enablement
The !D Cloud software suite is specifically developed for retail applications to raise the retailer’s stock accuracy and support store employees with processes like in-store replenishment. Detailed insights into the actual stock levels also make it possible to connect the stock of the physical stores with the retailer’s online platforms.


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Nedap introduces new iSense Lumen 3-in-1 RFID antenna

In-store hardware for article surveillance and article tracking

Groenlo, The Netherlands — May 3, 2017

Today, Nedap announces the global launch of its new iSense Lumen line. It is the latest extension of Nedap’s successful iSense hardware platform for article surveillance and article tracking in retail stores. In the first half of 2017, Nedap will introduce three iSense Lumen antennas starting with the Lumen iL45, which offers new user feedback functionalities. It can be used at multiple locations in a store, thus optimizing the retailer’s product availability.

Intuitive user feedback with light & sound
The iSense Lumen antenna line is designed to enhance the user experience through advanced light and sound options. The multi-colored lights and state-of-the-art speakers notify the store staff about  the cause and urgency of specific events with light and sound signals.

Hilbert Dijkstra, Product Manager at Nedap Retail, explains: “iSense Lumen is another big step forward in the development of article surveillance solutions. It is the result of great feedback we got after the introduction of iSense in 2014. With iSense, we completely redefined the way electronic article surveillance works, because of its intelligence. The system recognizes individual items, detects the direction of the item and gives instant feedback to the store staff.”

Intelligent 3-in-1 RFID antenna
The Lumen iL45 antenna can be placed at three key locations in a store to track article movements. At the entrance, it is able to detect which items are leaving the store and it will activate an alarm with items that have not been paid for, thus minimizing losses. The antenna can also be placed between the stock room and the sales floor to track article movements and in the back to track new deliveries.

“Product availability is an absolute necessity for retailers. Our solutions enable retailers to always have the right products available without adding complexity. Our iSense hardware platform is IP-based and uses open protocols, which makes information-exchange and integrations with other solutions very simple and straightforward,” says Rob Schuurman, Managing Director at Nedap Retail.


Media contact:
Janna Dirks
Marketing & Communications Nedap Retail
T +31 (0)544 471 904
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