The power of cloud-based RFID solutions in retail


The power of cloud-based RFID solutions in retail

Cloud vs. On-premise

The number of RFID implementations in retail is growing and continues to be explicitly adopted by fashion, sport and shoe retailers. That market alone is demanding over 10 billion RFID labels per year.

Benefits of RFID

Various projects all over the world have proven that RFID technology has a positive impact on stock accuracy and visibility. Accurate stock data is essential to optimize merchandise availability for shoppers.

Insight into RFID solutions

Since there is a multitude of RFID systems available on the market, this whitepaper provides more insight into the benefits of cloud-based RFID solutions in particular.


In this whitepaper we will deep dive into:

  1. How RFID fuels a seamless customer experience
  2. How cloud-based solutions enable scalability and smooth deployments
  3. How API’s facilitate seamless integrations
  4. How to move from on-premise (in) to the cloud