The Omnichallenge


We’ve all heard the buzzword “omnichannel” for many years now.  Shoppers don’t buy products the way they did 10 years ago, and the pace is changing fast; retailers have to be faster if they want to keep up.

The bar is set high for brands to deliver on concepts such as buying on social media, same day pickup, and next day shipping.  Inventory accuracy is the foundational building block to enable such initiatives, allowing customers to buy products wherever, whenever, and however, they want. So why is this still such a challenge and what can retailers do to adapt?

In this recorded session, Madalynn Lauria & Adam Sheppard tackle the Omnichallenge.


In this webinar the following topics will be discussed:

  1. Emerging tech and initiatives that make up the modern store
  2. Bridging online and in-store to form an effective omnichannel strategy
  3. The store’s ability to increase sales by creating a community
  4. The Omnichallenge: inventory accuracy
  5. RFID to enable omnichannel


  • 30-minute webinar
  • English spoken


  • Madalynn Lauria – Account Executive at Nedap Retail
  • Adam Sheppard – Store Implementation and Support at Nedap Retail

Watch it here