Mobile Self-Scanning: MishiPay

Mobile self-scanning with MishiPay

By enabling mobile self-scanning on the mobile device of the customer, retailers can provide customers the possibility to check out items without any need to search for a store employee. MishiPay’s app is integrated with !D Cloud, which enables EAS in the Cloud.

This allows shoppers to self-scan and pay for any item in the store and simply walk out with it, so there is absolutely no queueing whatsoever while the merchandise is protected at the same time. Mobile self-scanning can easily be combined with RFID-based EAS systems like the iSense Lumen or iD Top to effectively prevent merchandise from being stolen.


Seamless and cost-efficient security through RFID tags makes this solution sustainable while the integration with current systems and the ability to use existing barcodes makes it easy to adopt.


SCAN, PAY and LEAVE. That’s it, the moment a shopper wants to buy an item they can just scan and pay on the spot i.e. better use of space and higher conversion from footfall.


From the very first step of logging into the app, through integration of social media, MishiPay is unlocking a much more engaging experience for each and every shopper.

EAS in the Cloud

Combine mobile self-scanning with EAS

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