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Security Labels and Tags

A holistic approach to loss prevention starts with protecting your products correctly. Every product has its unique characteristics. For example, it could be frozen, chilled, or have a particular shape or form. These different characteristics mean there is no one-size-fits-all approach to security tags and labels. At Nedap, we prefer a tailor-made approach, resulting in better deactivation, fewer false alarms, and a more effective EAS solution.

Securing Your Products With Ease

Nedap offers 100% tested Radio Frequency (RF) security labels and tags for products in all shapes, sizes, and conditions. We also provide dual technology solutions (RF/AM in combination with RFID) to help retailers progress to an RFID-based EAS solution.


100% Tested

Nedap ensures that every label is of the highest standard by testing 100% of the tags on three parameters. Firstly, the center frequency to enable reading at the validation point. Second, we analyze the sensitivity of the label to prevent non-deactivation and to avoid early deactivation. Lastly, we check the label quality to ensure that all our labels are of the highest standard.


Tailored To Your Needs

Even a label of the highest quality won’t work if misapplied. For example, the effectiveness of a label decreases considerably if the label is applied to the wrong material or product. Nedap recommends the best labels, helps create application guidelines, and assists with source tagging.


Synergetic Approach

Security labels and tags play an essential part in your EAS setup. But suitable labels and tags won’t matter much if deactivation is not set up properly or the EAS antennas are not configured correctly. Therefore, Nedap strives for long-term relationships with our customers to ensure your loss prevention strategy is giving you the desired results.

The Role of Labels
Protecting products
Deactivation process
Validation and alarming
Protecting products

Some items are worth protecting in essential retail more than others, as they have the highest margins to make protecting beneficial. First, we identify the 20% items that generate 80% of the losses. Protecting these items creates an immediate and significant impact. Secondly, we select the appropriate label or tag and determine the label application strategy for these products. Labeling products could be done via source tagging, in the distribution center, or the store. Nedap provides retailers with a solid, well-experienced strategy and consultation on using labels and tags.

Deactivation process

Point of sale systems must deactivate all products bought by honest customers. Therefore, a 100% deactivation rate is our objective for the deactivation process. The quality of the labels plays an important part here. Store employees and customers should never have to think about how they should hold the item to deactivate the label. Nedap offers the perfect combination of a Smart Deactivator and well-tested labels to achieve this result. As we provide tags and labels of the highest quality, we can ensure that they will deactivate through just one strong burst of our smart deactivator.

Self-checkout in essential retail
Validation and alarming

Items that are paid for should not create an alarm. That's why proper deactivation and the highest quality labels are so crucial. This process should be straightforward throughout your entire EAS strategy, from tags through deactivation to the validation point: your EAS system. Nedap focuses on excellence in all three of these areas, which we call the '3 Pillars of a successful EAS solution'.

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The perfect technology for shifting to RFID

Discover our dual technology

Fashion retailers are more and more progressing towards RFID. Stock accuracy, omnichannel enablement and better replenishment are common drivers for RFID adoption. But the business case of RFID in retail keeps expanding, most notably to loss prevention. To make this transition to RFID as smooth as possible, Nedap offers a wide range of hybrid technologies: AM/RFID hard tags and RF/RFID hard tags and labels.

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Security labels and tags for every situation

Which products do you want to protect?

Apparel and sports fashion
Apparel and sports fashion retailers are progressing from AM or RF-based EAS to modern RFID-powered EAS solutions. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we offer RFID source tagging advice and AM/RFID and RF/RFID hard tags, and RF/RFID labels.
Liquor and spirits
Top-shelf liquor, imported wine and craft beer are some of the most expensive consumables you can buy, which explains why people steal them from grocery stores. Nedap offers the two most-used methods in protecting liquor: soft tags (labels) and hard tags (bottle caps).
Frozen products
When securing chilled or frozen meat products, choosing a label protected against long-term moist conditions is essential. To ensure the best deactivation and detection performance, Nedap offers unique labels that can withstand even the harshest conditions in the freezer.
Meat, Fish and Cheese
Nedap has developed unique RF labels that retailers can use on different food products. These labels are specially designed for meat, fish, and cheese. In addition, our tags combat detuning in cold and humid environments and are suitable for high-speed application.
Health and Beauty Products
In the H&B segment, the appearance and presentation of the products are essential. Nonetheless, the materials used in the packaging can influence the RF performance. Therefore, Nedap created labels that fit on any package, whether that's a rounded mascara or high-value perfumes.
Protecting eyewear is a delicate matter. That's why we offer hard tags, for RF and RFID EAS, especially for glasses. Retailers can use it with a standard Nedap detacher.

A Complete Tagging Solution For A Health And Beauty Retailer

How This Retailer Tags 120 Million Products Per Year

After the roll-out of Nedap's RF EAS systems in almost 2000 stores in several countries for a health and beauty retailer, Nedap was asked to develop and supply RF labels. We offered a complete tagging solution: employees and other parties were trained by Nedap tagging specialists, as we work with in-store tagging and DC tagging. We also directly work with suppliers to ensure quick cooperation and swift adaptation. The RF label range includes an easily removable 'mascara' label, which health and beauty retailers can use in combination with shrink wrapping. For this particular retailer, we tag nearly 120 million products per year.