Scalpers store front


RFID Masterclass: Supply Chain Visibility

Featuring Scalpers

Hear directly from Patricio López, Director of Logistics and learn how Scalpers leverages RFID to achieve total stock visibility to improve merchandise availability, reduce stock-outs, and increase sales.

The RFID Masterclass concept aims at bringing retailers together to discuss the future of retail, especially in regards to RFID.


  1. Introduction into Scalpers
  2. Scalpers’ omnichannel strategy
  3. Scalpers’ RFID roadmap
  4. Scalpers’ experiences with RFID technology


  • 30-minute masterclass
  • 15-minute Q&A
  • English spoken
  • English subtitles

Watch it here


Steffie Broere

Global Customer Success Manager at Nedap Retail

Patricio López

Director of Logistics at Scalpers

Tom Vieweger

Tom Vieweger

Business Developer at Nedap Retail