RFID at the Point-Of-Sale

How to leverage RFID at the POS to unlock new use cases in the store!

In our fourth webinar in our weekly webinar series, we will discuss one of the most relevant read points: the check-out or point-of-sale (POS). RFID at the POS unlocks many additional use cases for RFID in the store. For use cases like in-store replenishment, combatting return fraud and EAS it is a necessity to cover the POS with RFID. 


In this webinar the following topics will be discussed:

  1. Use cases that are unlocked with RFID at the POS
  2. Options of how to cover RFID at the POS
  3. RFID reader | Serialized barcode | Calculated stock
  4. Introduction of calculated stock


  • 25-minute webinar
  • 5-minute Q&A session
  • English spoken

Watch it here


Steffie Broere

Global Customer Success Manager at Nedap Retail

Hilbert Dijkstra

Hilbert Dijkstra

Head of Product Management at Nedap Retail

Tjibbe van der Laan - Product manager

Tjibbe van der Laan

Product Manager at Nedap Retail