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RFID as omnichannel enabler

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About this project

UK-based fashion retailer River Island has selected Nedap for the international roll-out of RFID hard- and software in 280 stores. The roll-out was completed within seven months. In this large-scale project, Nedap was the main contractor responsible for delivering the cloud-based software iD Cloud and RFID handheld readers as well as ensuring the quality of the RFID labels on the merchandise.

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Raise stock accuracy over 97%
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River Island is a fast-growing omnichannel fashion retailer with stores across the UK, Ireland, and internationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe, as well as six dedicated online sites operating in four currencies. The array of products includes women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Customer challenge

River Island

Nedap’s experience from working with fashion retailers around the globe shows that stock file accuracy across stores averages 70%. This is as a result of the inability to conduct regular stock takes – most retailers average 1 per store per year – and the deterioration of accuracy that follows counts as a result of theft and process control e.g. inter-branch transfers incorrectly logged, deliveries not properly receipted. Therefore, River Island searched for a way to stock take a store at least every week.

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In a world of omnichannel, product availability is king. Therefore, accurate stock data is vital for us to successfully offer omnichannel services to our customers. We are impressed with how advanced iD Cloud is, yet how little IT effort it takes to implement it, which makes adopting RFID extremely easy. This enables us to focus on the most important part right from the start – raising the stock accuracy in all our stores and gaining full control over our inventory through item-level visibility.

Jon Wright
Head of Global Loss Prevention & Safety
Our solution

Raise stock accuracy over 97%

Using iD Cloud, River Island achieves a stock accuracy of 97+%. Once a week, River Island conducts an RFID full-store stock count with an RFID handheld and the iD Cloud app to cleanse the stock files. The result is an increase in the stock accuracy, which leads to a significant increase in sales and also paves the way for omnichannel services like ship-from-store, Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS) and Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS).

Upon implementing and trialing iD Cloud, accuracy was raised to 97%

Jon Wright, Head of Global Loss Prevention & Safety