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GANNI powers omnichannel fulfillment with Nedap

Groenlo, The Netherlands – May 18, 2021 Fast-growing Danish fashion brand GANNI has selected the Nedap...

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Preparing for the ORC surge with the power of RFID

For many years, organized retail crime (ORC) has been a major problem for retailers in the...

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How To Create Seamless Shopping Experiences. Without Shrink.

Shoppers won’t visit stores, unless retailers give them good reasons to. That’s one of the noteworthy...

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Join our iD Cloud User Community

Our iD Cloud User Community is the place to share experiences and ideas, network and learn...

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NRF Converge

NRF Retail Converge is a new virtual show that brings together retailers from a wide range...

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Nedap selected for largest ever RFID deployment in Benelux market

Groenlo, The Netherlands – March 16, 2021 Fashion brand MS Mode is equipping its 185 stores...

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River Island: RFID as omnichannel enabler

Becoming equipped to meet shifting consumer demands With 350 stores across Europe, Asia and the Middle...

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Why should retailers implement RFID?

Omnichannel services require real-time stock visibility. At once, it is necessary that stock information is accurate...

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Digitize store stock to boost e-commerce without overstocking

In today’s shopping reality, the lines between physical and digital commerce are fading. For the last...

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Why increase the available (sellable)stock across all channels?

Nowadays, shoppers do research online and check if certain products are ‘in stock’ before or while...

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Tackling the challenge of merchandise refill in retail stores

It is a common understanding that product availability is key in retail stores. To ensure perfect...

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Sephora: how connectivity boosts their loss prevention strategy

Since implementing this technology, we can say that the reduction in shrinkage has been very significant....

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