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Reducing shrinkage rates while implementing mobile checkouts

Today’s shoppers expect that the entire shopping experience is smooth and seamless. They want to be...

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Sweethearting: A Sour Pill To Swallow For Retailers

The 2020 National Retail Security Survey shows that shrink costs the retail industry $61.7 billion in...

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How Retailers Can Reduce Waste and Become More Sustainable with RFID

While the fashion industry does immeasurable good employing many people and clothing the world’s population, it...

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RFID benefits for sports fashion retailers and brands

This e-book explains how both sports fashion and apparel brands and retailers can optimize their omnichannel...

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Why Inventory Accuracy is Key for Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel is the holy grail within the retail space. Brick & mortar retailers are combining e-commerce...

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For sale or not for sale: how item statuses truly enable  omnichannel strategies

Following the adoption of RFID technology, retailers can always trust their inventory levels. RFID allowed retailers...

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How RFID Puts a Restraint on Return Fraud

While return fraud might often be put on the back burner behind more traditional or hawkish...

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LP Manager: Allocate Your Resources Better Using RFID Data

According to our annual State of Retail Loss Prevention Report, 45% of Loss Prevention (LP) and...

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Spanish Retail Association Interviewing Nedap’s Sergio Gutiérrez

How do you make people more productive and organizations more efficient through technology? At Nedap we...

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EAS: From Visual Deterrent to Hidden Observer

As a retailer, if you didn’t have a proper security system at the beginning of this...

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How to Stop Self-checkout Shoplifters with RFID

RFID has proven its value in apparel and sports fashion retail. Stock accuracy, omnichannel enablement and better replenishment...

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