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Engage Stores in your RFID journey | RFID Q&A #4

In this RFID Q&A, Daphne talks to Sandra, a senior project manager at Nedap Retail, about...

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How To Implement RFID The Right Way – RFID Q&A #3

Where to start your RFID implementation? Many fashion retailers ask themselves this question. In this Q&A,...

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RFID Afterwork Verona with Superdry – 19 October

Join us at RFID Afterwork with Superdry We are excited to announce that we will host...

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Enhance product traceability in supply chains

We live in an interconnected, globalized world with long, complex supply chains. Did you know that...

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How To Harness RFID For Store Efficiency – RFID Q&A #2

Discover how RFID technology is revolutionizing operational efficiency in fashion retail stores. In this Q&A, Noortje...

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The Basics Of The RFID Business Case – RFID Q&A #1

The business case for RFID in retail? Product Availability. In this Q&A, Nick Markwell, Direct of...

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