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Varner selects Nedap’s loss prevention solution

Groenlo, The Netherlands – March 22, 2016 Norwegian fashion retailer Varner-Gruppen AS has selected Nedap as...

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Nedap iD Cloud | RFID in the cloud

RFID technology enables retailers to track every article in the store and stock room and quickly...

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How To Speak CFO

CFOs are analytical, data-driven people who are typically looking for attributable, predictable, and efficient ways to...

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Calzedonia Group selects Nedap for global EAS roll-out

Groenlo, The Netherlands – January 11, 2016 The Italian fashion retailer Calzedonia Group has selected Nedap...

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Shoplifting: Why and How Men and Women Steal Differently

Shoplifting is a problem for retailers across the board, whether they sell high-priced luxury items or...

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Employee Theft Starts With Your Company Culture

In my last year of university, I started to work for a large prestigious company as...

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10 Creative Ways To Leverage Your Retail Analytics Insights

With Nedap’s Retail Analytics, retailers can permanently reduce losses, optimize stock levels and increase the performance...

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Decathlon advances with global RFID implementation

Groenlo, The Netherlands – June 11, 2015 French sporting goods retailer Decathlon has selected Nedap for...

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iSense | Intelligent article surveillance

In this video, iSense inteligent article surveillance is explained. Transcript What if shoppers who enter a...

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Merchandise simply available

Discover how Nedap helps retailers to optimize the in-store stock accuracy and make sure that merchandise...

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