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Make your store teams RFID super fans

Successful RFID projects have one thing in common: the solution is embraced by the store teams....

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Mobile Shrink: The Newest LP Challenge

Just when Loss Prevention (LP) professionals thought they’ve identified every point-of-loss to battle, technology has introduced...

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Misako to use Nedap’s iD Cloud RFID software in 200+ stores

Groenlo, The Netherlands – November 6, 2017 Spanish fashion retailer Misako will use Nedap’s iD Cloud...

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Misako: boost store performance & international expansion

Accurate stock data will strongly contribute to our current stores’ performance and enable our international expansion....

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Brownie | iD Cloud

iD Cloud gives Brownie detailed insights into the actual stock levels, which enables Brownie to raise...

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Brownie: RFID for future growth & omnichannel

Watch case study The implementation of Nedap’s RFID software is the first step in our digitalization...

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When and how you should use barcodes as alternative for RFID

When you are adopting RFID technology as identification technology, the initial feeling is that all data...

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Save-the-sale: Hidden Treasures in Retail Stores

Product availability is key in retail stores! In a time when the balance of power is...

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Under Armour: introducing a game-changing loss prevention strategy

Under Armour Under Armour stores had a solid EAS foundation in place. However, over time they...

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Three reasons why EPCIS is critical for any RFID retail deployment

Most RFID deployments in retail today are closed-loop solutions that have the initial use cases covered...

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How To Balance Customer Experience With Loss Prevention In a Mobile Payment World?

Numerous retailers currently intend to improve the shopping experience in their stores by enabling a “no-line”...

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