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How To Design An RFID App Used By Everyone | RFID Q&A #5

Are you interested in the world of UX design and its role in revolutionizing RFID technology...

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Engage Stores in your RFID journey | RFID Q&A #4

In this RFID Q&A, Daphne talks to Sandra, a senior project manager at Nedap Retail, about...

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Enhance product traceability in supply chains

We live in an interconnected, globalized world with long, complex supply chains. Did you know that...

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Stop Guessing in Inventory Management with Real-Time Data

Did you know how many fashion products are produced every year? Recent studies say that more...

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Defining Stock Accuracy With SMAPE

When retailers start with RFID, achieving high stock accuracy is one of the first goals that...

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Glossary – Most Common Topics For RFID in Retail

Whether you are just starting with RFID in fashion retail or have been at it for...

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Final Black Friday preparations

How to match up the Black Friday experience across all sales channels...

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