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Glossary – Most Common Topics For RFID in Retail

Whether you are just starting with RFID in fashion retail or have been at it for...

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Final Black Friday preparations

How to match up the Black Friday experience across all sales channels...

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Why retailers are not investing in RFID

Specifically now, in times of uncertainty, retailers have to prioritize. As a result, the list of...

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Need ROI on Your EAS System? Focus on Refund Fraud

For every $100 in returned merchandise accepted, retailers lose $10.30 to return fraud...

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Supply Chain Compliance

5 reasons why it is worth knowing where products originate from...

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Delivering The Shopping Experience You Deserve – Interview with Matthew Cyr, CEO of Crave Retail

Imagine if retailers were blind to what’s happening in online shoppers’ baskets. What if retailers didn’t know the items we were browsing, which items were popular, or what...

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Did you have fun with your annual inventory count?

Same procedure as every year: taking the annual inventory is a mammoth task for many retailers....

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RFID: A Novel Approach to Combatting Return Fraud

RFID identification down to the specific item level is game-changing, allowing you to track items and...

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