Omnichannel hubs

How stores become the heart of a seamless shopping experience

Omnichannel hubs

Stock visibility along the whole supply chain is essential for retailers to make merchandise digitally available. Driven by the reality we are currently living in, shopping behavior is rapidly changing so that online and offline shopping belong together. In this context, stores are the heart of the omnichannel experience. Experts say we’re now 5 years ahead of where we would normally be when it comes to our shopping behavior. Just to drop a fun fact.

Fulfilling online orders with store stock

Key questions amongst retailers are: how can we leverage our store stock to fulfill online orders? And how do we make sure we don’t lose turnover because we don’t exactly know what’s on shelf?

In this whitepaper we will deep dive into the following topics:

  1. Shopping trends in a connected world
  2. A symbiosis of online and offline
  3. The new role of stores: local distributions hubs & mini DCs
  4. Why stock visibility is key
  5. How RFID unlocks omnichannel
  6. Advantages of an RFID stock SPoT
  7. RFID optimizes in-store Omni processes

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In this whitepaper

Shopping trends in a connected world image

Shopping trends in a connected world

Shoppers expect their desired items to be ubiquitously available. No matter if they browse in a brick-and-mortar store or online. Having this in mind, retailers are extending their service options to remain competitive. Examples are ship-from-store, click-and-collect, and a range of return choices.

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The new role of stores: local distributions hubs & mini DCs

An important part of customer satisfaction is making products available accurately and quickly. In a situation where the existing warehouses and DCs are reaching their capacity limit, stores can be upgraded to act as small, local distribution hubs. This way, online orders can be fulfilled from store.

Why stock visibility is key image

Why stock visibility is key

Total stock visibility across multiple channels is the foundation to route and orchestrate orders, regardless of where they are coming from or going to.

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