RBTE 2018

2 – 3 May | Olympia, London

Merchandise simply available

Meet Nedap (booth D105) at the RBTE 2018 to learn more about our latest innovations in the fields of loss prevention and stock management. These solutions enable retailers to meet and exceed their customer’s demands by offering a perfect merchandise availability and secured (self-)check-out solutions.

Nedap provides RFID hard- and software solutions that deliver impressive results for retailers around the world. Find out how you can always have the right items available for your customers and sell more. We look forward to meeting you at RBTE 2018 to discuss your business needs and how Nedap can help.

EAS in the Cloud

Offer your customers mobile & self-checkouts and protect your merchandise at the same time


MishiPay’s technology allows in-store shoppers to pick up a product they wish to buy, scan the barcode with their phone, pay with their phone, and simply leave. Long gone are the days where you needed to depend on a cashier who will handle the payment for you. Thanks to the integration with Nedap’s RFID-based EAS systems, it is ensured that if a customer tries to walk out without paying, the alarm will immediately sound.

  • Eliminate queues and drive higher conversions.
  • Customers enjoy a rich and seamless shopping experience.
  • Store staff focused on customer experience and engagement.

RFID in the Cloud

Optimize your merchandise availability & boost (omnichannel) sales


Article Intelligence

The role of article surveillance antennas, positioned at the store entrance, is changing. From a traditional EAS system that alarms on active tags leaving the store to an intelligent article surveillance system that is capable of recognizing items, detecting the direction of the item and giving instant feedback to the store staff.

ID Top

Concealed Article Intelligence

The concealed, ceiling-mounted iD Top RFID antenna takes up no selling space in the store and makes it possible to have completely open entrances where products are enhanced by a bright and open environment.

ID Cloud

RFID in the Cloud

With the !D Cloud RFID software platform, retailers can improve their stock accuracy to over 98%. This enables a higher on-shelf availability and increases sales. There is no need to replace your existing stock management and/or ERP system. !D Cloud just makes sure that those systems will get accurate data.

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