EPCIS repository


Real-Time Stock Visibility, From Source To Store

Five insights you wouldn’t have without an EPCIS repository

The adoption of omnichannel retail is growing, and the current lock-down has accelerated this trend. Consequently, real-time stock visibility is vital for quick and accurate order fulfilment with stock being located in countless spots along the entire supply chain: 

  • in the factory;
  • in the warehouse or DC;
  • on trucks in transit;
  • on the store shelves;
  • in the stockroom, etc.  

Having RFID in place means you can seamlessly collect data from various read-points, wherever the status of an item changes. For example:

  1. RFID at source to achieve transparency of what has been produced and is sent to the retailer’s supply chain. 
  2. RFID at distribution and logistics to register all products that are coming in and going out, making sure the right products are sent to the sales channels.
  3. And finally, RFID at the store to count and track the local inventory. 


This webinar will explain what an EPCIS repository is. In addition, you will learn how it can be utilized as the ‘Single Point of Truth’ (SPoT) about the real-time situation of stock. We will exemplify use cases, data insights, and specific benefits, e.g. 

  • Supplier compliance & grey market identification; 
  • Warehouse transparency & shipment compliance; 
  • Display availability and predictive out-of-stocks;
  • Omnichannel and ship-from-store service. 


  • 20-minute webinar
  • English spoken

Watch it here


Steffie Broere

Global Customer Success Manager at Nedap Retail

Tom Vieweger

Tom Vieweger

Business Developer at Nedap Retail