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RFID Loss Prevention Academy

Nedap launches RFID Loss Prevention Academy

Online academy supports retail executives by providing a resource center of knowledge, study guides, and tests to help aid in the adoption and education of RFID technology

Groenlo, The Netherlands – August 27, 2019

Nedap, the global leader in RFID-based retail solutions, today launches the RFID Loss Prevention Academy. This is an online learning environment, which consists of free online courses, study guides and tests. This will help retail executives to develop critical skills, test knowledge, and demonstrate expertise in the area of RFID-based loss prevention.

Rob Schuurman, Managing Director of Nedap Retail comments: “Reduction in inventory due to shoplifting, employee theft, or other errors, significantly impacts a retailer’s bottom line – to the tune of nearly $100 billion annually in direct losses worldwide. Regardless of where retail operations are located, shrink is a universal foe.

Nowadays, RFID is the technology that enables retailers to prevent losses. With this e-learning, we as Nedap are sharing our expertise in the field of RFID technology. This will help retailers to gain more understanding in the area of RFID-based EAS, enabling them to reduce the impact of losses affecting the retail industry.”

With this e-learning, we as Nedap are sharing our expertise in the field of RFID-technology

Rob Schuurman, Managing Director of Nedap Retail

RFID-based EAS

RFID-based EAS technology creates a real-time understanding of what, when and how specific items go missing by integrating item-level inventory and loss prevention data. This new insight leverages EAS and RFID inventory-visibility technologies to provide a complete picture of loss events to help take loss prevention efforts to the next level. Track and manage retail shrinkage from all source to store, in real-time

Closing the gap between loss prevention and inventory management

More and more retailers and brands are choosing RFID to gain insight into their inventory at the item level. This ensures optimal product availability. The foundation of most RFID implementations is that all items are provided with an RFID label at the source of production. The same RFID label is used for inventory management and item security. This means that no additional loss prevention is needed, as stock is already 100% security tagged from the source. This eliminates additional in-store tagging costs and at the same time, it enables retailers to unlock omnichannel services such as secured mobile checkout.

RFID for loss prevention is also available as a stand-alone option. This provides retailers with a future-proof loss prevention system if they prefer to implement RFID for inventory management at a later stage.

For more information regarding the RFID Loss Prevention Academy, visit: https://www.nedap-retail.com/rfid-lp-academy/

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