Shipments Verification

Why RFID for shipment verification?

To make sure that shipments are correct! RFID technology can automate product registration at warehouses and distribution centers and improves the accuracy of receiving and shipping processes. Verification stations, powered by RFID, compare the expected content of shipping units (e.g., a packing list) with its actual content.


Key Product Features

  • Accurate and seamless identification of items in inbound / outbound process 
  • Automatic verification of discrepancies 
  • Modular read point configuration for optimal accuracy 
  • Seamless integration into customer’s IT-system to exchange, e.g., packing list, delivery orders, or shipping notes 
  • Reporting to give advanced insights of all receiving and shipping activities so operators and warehouse managers can to react immediately if process irregularities are detected 

rfid/RFID 2

Customer Benefits

  • Improved efficiency of product registration processes in logistics 
  • Improved accuracy of shipments & Early detection of inaccurate packing units 
  • Avoid under-deliveries from suppliers 
  • Avoid chargebacks from wholesale 
  • Avoid claims from customers 
  • Ensure that stores are supplied with accurate merchandise deliveries 
  • Improved inventory visibility 


Key Applications

  • Reading outgoing (e-com) items in bulk
  • Transfer (e-com) status into the iD Cloud EPCIS repository
  • Detailed reporting on registered items