Item Status Management

Why RFID for item-level and e-commerce status management?

Retailers are offering seamless shopping experiences across all sales channels. As part of the omnichannel strategy, customers can conveniently buy products online and pick them up in-store, a practice commonly known as BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store) or "Click and Collect." To avoid these items being registered during an RFID count in the stores or at the RFID-based loss prevention system, we can assign certain statuses directly in the warehouse that exclude them from the "sellable stock." When online orders leave the distribution center, all articles are seamlessly scanned with a dedicated RFID read point, and the item-level status is transferred to the iD Cloud EPCIS repository.

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Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced Stock Accuracy: By effectively managing the status of items in transit or awaiting pickup, you can trust your RFID inventory counts to be accurate and reliable.
  • Reliable Loss Prevention: Ensure that items that await customer’s pickup are not mistakenly flagged by your RFID-based loss prevention system, maintaining a secure shopping environment.
  • Efficient Order Fulfillment: Provide your customers with a frictionless BOPIS experience, reinforcing your commitment to exceptional service.


Key Applications

  • Reading outgoing (e-com) items in bulk
  • Transfer (e-com) status into the iD Cloud EPCIS repository
  • Detailed reporting on registered items


Key Product Features

  • Remote device management
  • Connected with the iD Cloud EPCIS repository
  • No additional system  integration is necessary

How it works

  1. Connect RFID readpoint (RFID arch or RFID plate)
  2. Register outgoing BOPIS / Click & Collect items
  3. Synchronize items with the iD Cloud EPCIS repository and assign status in real-time
  4. Separate BOPIS / Click & Collect products from the store's sellable stock
  5. Exclude BOPIS / Click & Collect products from the store's loss prevention system
Hardware Options
Hardware options
RFID arch
RFID plate
Hardware options

In the world of RFID technology, having the right hardware is crucial to ensure your business operations run smoothly and efficiently. At Nedap, we offer a wide range of hardware options that can be deployed right out of the box. Nedap experts help you selecting the perfect hardware fit.

RFID arch

The Nedap RFID arch is available in different sizes to enable item-, box-, and pallet-level reading. It includes a state-of-the-art RFID reader coupled with best-in-class antennas, ensuring unparalleled performance and accuracy. Plus, it features an intuitive light stack that keeps you informed of its operational status, including cloud connectivity and reading functionality. With Nedap's RFID Arch, you're equipped with a reliable and innovative tool ready to elevate your RFID experience.

RFID plate

Transform your existing workstations into efficient RFID reading hubs with the Nedap RFID Plate. This innovative read point can be easily added to your current setup, discreetly mounted underneath the desktop, ensuring a clutter-free and seamless reading experience. At the heart of the Nedap RFID Plate lies a cutting-edge RFID reader, complemented by a best-in-class antenna. This powerful combination guarantees top-tier performance and accuracy, allowing you to read RFID items without disruption effortlessly. Elevate your workspace with the Nedap RFID Plate and unlock new efficiency and convenience in your RFID operations.