No loss should go unnoticed

Loss Prevention Insights

Our Loss Prevention Insights platform makes it simple for retailers to identify, quantify and ultimately prevent losses. Instantly receive notifications on items that are leaving your store unpaid and capture not just thieves, but also item-level data.

Capture data with your RFID-based EAS

The days of relying on your gut feeling to make loss prevention decisions are over. With our modular Loss Prevention Insights platform, you are able to identify and quantify losses with your RFID-based EAS. Our modular platform enables tailor-made loss prevention strategies for fashion retailers that aim for a data-driven approach.

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Capture item level data

Unlike traditional methods for EAS in fashion retail, such as RF or AM technology, RFID has the ability to send unique item-level data to your EAS. This way, your EAS system know which items are passing through, which items are paid for and which items are not.


Recognize and analyse patterns

Nowadays, data is an essential part of any loss prevention strategy. Our Loss Prevention Insights platform recognizes, analyzes patterns and spots anomalies, thanks to Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in our platform. This way, you won’t have to focus on individual alarms, but harvest the data of thousands of items passing through your EAS gates.




Unlock your full LP potential

All these insights lead to concrete actions: know exactly which items need hard tags for effective deterrence, flag suspicious events, know which stores and hours are popular amongst thieves and recognize stolen items that get returned. Do more, with less, with the help of actionable insights.

LP Insights
Shoplifting module
Return Fraud Module
Alarm Notification App
Shoplifting module

Finally, you'll have actionable data for loss prevention at your fingertips. After switching on your RFID-based EAS system, you'll immediately get useful insights. Identify suspicious events, such as a high quantity of items leaving your store at the same time. Know your top ten stolen items, your 'hot' hours and 'hot' stores and protect them accordingly. These insights also make your hard tagging strategy a lot more effective and efficient, as you know which items are stolen the most.

Return Fraud Module

Our Loss Prevention Insights platform is an effective weapon against return fraud. With concrete data, store staff instantly knows if an item being returned was ever previously purchased - or not. When the RFID label is scanned at the point of sale, historic data is returned to the store associate. This includes data about the product location, sales history, product information and if it was purchased in-store, online or was not sold in the first place.

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Alarm Notification App

After your EAS system identifies products that are leaving the store without being paid for, it sends the store staff a notification via our Alarm Notification App. In this app, you'll get an overview of the product that is generating the alarm, after which the store staff can go to the customer to ask whether something went wrong with that specific item that generated the alarm. We call this turning a loss into a sale: instead of ignoring the alarm and products may be stolen, the store staff checks with the customer and ask if they can check the payment of a specific item again.

RFID DC Supply Chain

No loss should go unnoticed

Our vision

Loss Prevention is becoming a broader subject, widening its scope from in-store theft to combatting losses throughout the entire supply chain. A chain that has become far more complex with omnichannel retailing. In order to effectively identify losses, a lot of insights into the flow of goods is required. We envision a world in which anomalies, losses and waste will be identified automatically, using a smart software platform and RFID technology. This will empower loss prevention managers to make better, data-based, decisions and optimize their strategies. Ultimately, loss prevention managers will be able to effectively combat all types of losses.