Inventory Visibility

Single source of truth in one platform

Connect your inventory data and create a single source of truth with real-time inventory accuracy. The Nedap iD Cloud platform enables retailers and brands to create a complete and transparent view of their supply chain.


Why Inventory Visibility?

Whether inventory is in a distribution center, a physical store or on the move, you cannot make fulfillment promises to your customers without an accurate view of your inventory. Having silos of inventory or multiple inventory sources means that you often have inventory that meets your customer’s needs and timing, but you just can’t see or access it, so you lose the sale. To counter this, retailers carry too much safety stock. Unfortunately, this leads aggravated customers, giving away margin due to markdowns and an unnecessary environmental impact as much of the unsold stock are sent to landfill.

Inventory Silos

Keyhole view

Inventory Visibility

Single source of truth

Create a complete and transparent view of your entire supply chain

Break down inventory silos by creating a single view of stock across your entire supply chain. No longer have your stores, distribution centres and e-commerce share different versions of their stock information. Create a single point of truth with Nedap iD Cloud. View your stock across the entire network of your supply chain and have items move between your stores, distribution centres and e-commerce without losing sight of any single item. Perfectly match demand and supply anywhere, at any time.

Nedap iD Cloud will give you data that is:

  • Highly accurate
  • Real-time
  • Item-level
  • Across all your channels

Scale your business, increase sales and boost customer happiness

The Nedap iD Cloud platform is an integrated suite of SaaS solutions, purposefully built for RFID technology. iD Cloud’s foundation is our EPCIS repository, which is based on industry standards. This makes Nedap iD Cloud the integration layer between your existing IT systems such as ERP, POS, WMS, OMS and RFID technology. There is no need to replace or change your existing IT infrastructure, add any new infrastructure or change your current systems.

iD Cloud overview

Find out how Nedap iD Cloud can help you create perfect inventory visibility with zero waste and no losses.

RFID at the point-of-sale

Introducing the iD POS 2

Do you want to speed up your checkout? Have a real-time view of your stock? And enable RFID-based EAS? It's possible when you implement RFID at your point-of-sale with the iD POS 2. The iD POS 2 is an RFID POS reader that reads multiple items at once and is easy to integrate into your current POS setup. And with its state-of-the-art technology, it's easy to install and maintain.

Discover the iD POS 2
iD Cloud platform
Supply Chain
Loss Prevention

The cloud-based RFID in-store SaaS software solution digitizes stock management processes, making them more efficient and more accurate. our multiuser app can provide intelligent stock takes and a smart in-store replenishment process.

iD Cloud Store
Supply Chain

The supply chain solution enables automating processes in distribution centers with the use of RFID technology. Verify incoming and outgoing shipments, counts, returns and picking & packing.

iD Cloud Supply Chain
Loss Prevention

iD Cloud Loss Prevention is a cloud-based RFID solution that enables you to detect, quantify and prevent losses. Track every unique item at critical areas in your stores, such as at the point-of-sale or your store entrance and exit, with the help of RFID technology. Through this data driven way of working, you can offer seamless shopping experiences for your shoppers, while at the same time make better decisions on how to protect your merchandise – and be in control of your shrinkage levels.

iD Cloud Loss Prevention

The iD Cloud platform can be easily integrated with your Online Order Management (OMS), which in-return gets fed more accurate inventory data in real-time that enables to determine the best approach to fulfilling the customer’s order and improves availability.

iD Cloud Omnichannel