Outdoor Voices

Online en fysieke winkelervaring op elkaar afstemmen met behulp van RFID

In deze video delen Nate Peterson (Vice President Supply Chain van Outdoor Voices) en Monika Hazim (winkelmanager van OV in Soho, New York), hun ervaringen met het werken met Nedap en de voordelen van RFID voor de dagelijkse activiteiten van OV.


Nate Peterson: Outdoor Voices is a company that is making technical apparel for what we call ‘The Recreationalist’. The Recreationalist to us is someone that just loves to get outdoor, loves to get moving, and loves to have fun.

One of the main reasons that Outdoor Voices started online and then started a physical brick-and-mortar experience was we knew that the online experience wasn’t everything we could bring to our customers, wasn’t everything we could bring to the community.

Monika Hazim: They are coming in to have a full experience in the store and outside of the store. So a lot of our engagement with the client is to really get them involved in the community: in-store events, out-of-store events. That could be yoga, joggers clubs, pilates.

Nate Peterson:In these types of events, we will see an influx in demand. On either specific products, specific fabric.

Monika Hazim:So product availability is super important for us to be able to fulfil those requests and make sure that they feel part of the brand.

Nate Peterson: When we look at inventory accuracy, it’s more than just a percentage. Our target is perfection. We are looking to be at 100% and anything short of that we understand is at the jeopardy of our customer’s experience.

So we take the opportunity to use all our retail locations as distribution platforms as well, which requires us to build out a solution where inventory has to be accurate, has to be in stock, has to be something that when someone orders something, we can fulfil that order with confidence that we are going to get it out the door.

At Outdoor Voices, we have many different platforms to interact with our customers. We have our web site, we have Instagram which is a fantastic tool and then we have our in-store experience.

We are looking at solutions such as ‘Buy Online, Pick up in Store’, Same Day Delivery and Nedap is building the foundation for us to be able to, with a high degree of confidence, implement these solutions for what our customers are wanting.

Monika Hazim: The iD Cloud solution is super easy to use. It is very intuitive and easy to teach and easy to learn. If you are familiar with using an iPhone, it’s like second nature.

Nate Peterson: One of the great things about selecting the Nedap-tool was our ability to quickly implement the solution within the store: we needed labels, we needed a scanner and we needed handhelds.

Part of that was enabling the new solution that they have, which is Virtual Shielding. We don’t have to hang any physical barrier, separating our stock room from our on-floor availability, enabling us to easily track and trace inventory within the store.

Monika Hazim: We are spending less time counting items and more time with the customer.

Nate Peterson: Nedap is one of those companies that we found that has a very similar philosophy, very similar mindset to how they want to have that customer journey. That allows us to focus on our core business and collectively build a strategic partnership that is a fantastic experience overall.

Als we kijken naar voorraadnauwkeurigheid, is dat meer dan alleen een percentage. Ons doel is perfectie!

Nate Peterson – Vice President of Supply Chain