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Moods of Norway
Inventory Management, Loss Prevention
Accurate inventory counts
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Moods of Norway, headquartered in Stryn (Norway), is a high-end fashion brand for men, women and kids. Since the launch of the first collection in 2003, 14 brand stores have been opened in Norway. The company sports the slogan “Happy Clothes for Happy People.”, which is reflected in the fun and colorful designs.

Customer challenge

Moods of Norway

At Moods of Norway, the store staff faced a major challenge to keep inventory counts accurate and the sales floor perfectly stocked in order to have the right products available for customers at the right time. With traditional barcode scanning, the effort was time and labor intensive. But the cost of inventory errors and stocking delays was even higher – lost sales and disappointed customers.

Around 70% of our retail revenue is generated from replenished items. Therefore, having high accuracy of inventory data is crucial to ensure product availability. It is not enough to know that the products are in the store. We have to be sure they are on the shelf as well – RFID provides the necessary foundation to give the store employees the tools to achieve this.

Hans Petter Hübert
Retail Director
Our solution

Accurate inventory counts

Using iD Cloud, Moods of Norway achieves a stock accuracy of 98+% and optimizes the replenishment processes. To achieve this, the store staff frequently takes inventory by using the iD Cloud app and the iD Hand, Nedap’s advanced RFID handheld reader, which gives insight into the actual stock. This enables Moods of Norway to correct all differences between the ERP stock and the actual stock, whereby out-of-stocks, as well as overstocks, are prevented.