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Merchandise simply available

If it's not on the shelf, it's a lost sale

Discover how Nedap helps retailers to optimize the in-store stock accuracy and make sure that merchandise is available at the right store at the right time ready for their customers to purchase.


Rob Schuurman: I’m passionate about retail and what I see they really put a lot of effort into getting customers into the stores and that once they want to buy something, the retailer thinks it’s available, but actually it’s not. So, it’s a lost sale.

Hans Peter Hübert: If you have the wrong inventory levels, you will not get replenished correctly. You might actually not get replenished at all.

Rob Schuurman: You know there are so many handlings in the store, that sometimes you just don’t know what you have available and where it is.

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: I have three floors, I have a large stock room. I think I have around 12,000 items.

Rob Schuurman: So, to determine what you have available in your store, you can just count your merchandise, all the pieces, every day. Or you can apply technology to do it for you.

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: I want just a machine that tells me “Julie, this is how many suits you have downstairs in storage, this is how many shirts you have, this is how many pants you have” and “you’re selling a lot of that size, you need more sizes”. Oh well, thank you mister machine. I will do that.

Rob Schuurman: What we dit is, we build that system that enables retailers to know exactly what is available and where it is.

Hans Peter Hübert: With the manual stuff tech we are using 30 to 40 hours to count the whole store. With RFID, we’re probably gonna spend around one hour.

Rob Schuurman: When the merchandise comes into the store, [the iSense gates] already detect, with RFID chips. So, without opening the box, you know exactly what came into the store.

Hans Peter Hübert: So there’s no longer any need to distrust the warehouse, or supplier or anything. What’s in the store, what you have counted, is actually there.

Rob Schuurman: And your headquarters, they know exactly what to replenish and what not to replenish.

Hans Peter Hübert: To have that control, it’s such a benefit for the people working.

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: It’s almost like my assistant manager.

Rob Schuurman: The fact is that we wanted to make it so simple that you don’t have to implement any infrastructure in the store. That’s why we have built a whole cloud solution, just push the button and we do the rest.

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: I smile when I do inventory now, I never used to do that.

Rob Schuurman: It should actually be very natural, so they just take the device and they know what to do.

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: click click, done.

Rob Schuurman: The truth about retail, the simple truth is, if you walk into a store and you want to buy something and you know what you want to have, it should just be there. If it’s not on the shelf, it’s a lost sale.