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Powerful dreamer: Jessica St. John

"I want to use the power of business and technology for good"

February 2 2021

During the international development work Jessica did, she realized the impact companies have on the world and how it can be used as a force for good. That’s why she decided to set up her own company as a business coach and brand developer for alternative health practitioners while studying international business management. This was followed by stepping into the RFID business. Doing business considering the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is important to Jessica.


Making an idea, a dream, a vision and a goal come true; that’s what Jessica stands for. Spouting ideas: delicious. Philosophizing about possibilities: Bring it on. But if it doesn’t end up a reality, it’s not satisfying for Jessica. She wants to see the impact of what she does with her customers.

Culture creation

Working for a European company was a dream that arose when Jessica lived and worked in Berlin. She wanted to learn more about the Northern European way of doing business, working internationally and the cross-fertilization between different cultures that takes place there. Like now at Nedap, where the team creates something new and unique by bringing together the best of American and European culture.

Looking at what energizes a person produces the most valuable conversations.

Personal conversations

Thanks to the entrepreneurial environment that Nedap offers employees, Jessica feels that she can grow in her ambitions. And her personality, background and interests are also increasingly reflected in her work. She strives for personable connections. After all, looking at what interests and energizes someone results in the most valuable conversations.

Direct communication can be learned

The direct, honest, yet friendly communication style of her Dutch colleagues is something that Jessica immediately liked. Although she originally comes from Texas, a state with a different communication culture, Jessica wants to adopt this direct way of communicating because she sees how it creates efficiency.

I like to be open to the unexpected and see where it takes me.

Interesting vision; interesting possibilities

An important lesson learned from her unique career path: to stay open to the unexpected. By not deciding in advance where something absolutely must go and what the route should look like, you can be open to unexpected encounters, turns and opportunities that sometimes end up much better than the original plan. A path does not have to be linear. Thanks to this vision, Jessica stays present, engaged, and often amazed as the path unfolds!

jessica st john
Global Project Manager
Jessica St. John