Anja Pohl

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Inquisitive listener: Anja Pohl

"I am constantly asking questions and, above all, listening a lot"

November 21 2019

Being in touch with people. This is clearly the aspect which appeals most to new Nedapper Anja Pohl in her role as key account manager. Anja has been part of Team Nedap Retail in Germany since September and is responsible for the DACH region. What drives her most during the customer contacts is that she always wants to be a partner for her customers. She knows how to define their challenges and understands them. This applies both to the specific challenges faced by her discussion partner at the time, as well as to the current and future challenges within the market.

‘I don't want a classic customer-supplier relationship. I want to be a partner of my customer.’

Anja Pohl

Research and product expertise

Prior to an introduction Anja spends a lot of time doing research. But that is not all. A partner thinks along with you, advises you and helps you on your way. Together with her team, she can always offer the right solution.

‘I truly want to understand the challenges of my clients.’

Anja Pohl

Sharing knowledge

Boredom is Anja's worst enemy at work. Fortunately there is a lot to learn within her role at Nedap. Just by talking a lot with her customers; a lot of networking, asking a lot of questions and especially listening carefully are the everyday things for Anja. Whether in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, travelling is part-of-the job and luckily Anja loves it!

‘I am constantly asking questions and, above all, listening a lot.’

Anja Pohl

Cookie, anyone?

Working at Nedap means a lot of freedom and a lot of personal responsibility. The fact that no one tells her what to do fits Anja perfectly. She is driven by her own passion and naturally has one hundred percent focus on her tasks within the team. On the other hand, she relaxes with the same focus; by cooking, baking and then enjoying what she has made with her husband. So when will she take her delicious creations to the office? :)

Anja Pohl
Key-Account-Manager food retail - Nedap Deutschland
Anja Pohl